give first 10000 user free EOS account and free coin, 免费EOS户口和sense coin

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Hello Steemit friends, so we all know that eos account is not free, you would normally pay USD1 to buy it using eos lynx, or you need to get help from your friends, however, recently there is a company called "sense chat" that give first 10000 user free EOS account and free coin

official site:

So what exactly is sense chat? Sense chat is a messenger app similar to whatsapp, telegram or wechat but it is running on top of Eos blockchain, with this app, you can send your friends any Eos or any token that run on the eos blockchain easily

They also give you 500 sense coin so you can send around, they will give you slowly 10 by 10, 10 sense coin are worth USD0.2 right now so just download the app , get your free EOS account and free coin

thanks for reading

大家好,我们都知道eos户口不是免费的,如果你要开的话,是需要支付USD1在eos lynx上购买,不然就找朋友帮忙开,可是最近sense chat有做一个活动,就是免费送前10000个用户免费eos 户口和他们的token


那么sense chat是什么?sense chat是好象whatsapp,telegram和wechat那样的聊天社交app,可是是在eos的区块链上跑的,用户除了聊天还可以很轻易的传送EOS或者任何在EOS上的token,

而且他们还会送你500sense coin,他们慢慢送,先送你10个,每10个价值USD0。2,所以快去下载拿你免费的EOS户口和免费的token咯


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