After 1.25 year, my first ICO investment has come to an end.

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I have a monthly investment portfolio checking habit, since most of my investment has moved to crypto, this the portfolio management is practically checking the status of all the coin's I'm still hodling.

I made an excel sheet with some little customized feature just to keep track of the prices. More than half of them are coins/tokens with big names so I was able to roughly keep up with the news from everyday reading. The rest are occupied by new/wild/under-the-radar coins which I have high hope of bringing huge fortune if I'm lucky enough(I was naive, still am.).

Hence, for this portion of coins I would rather just glance through the price list and move on. Moreoever, most of these unknown coins did not even make to the Coinmarketcap which my excel sheets grab the price API from. It would be so troublesome for me to tracing each of them even it is on monthly basis. But the NVO is special, it was my first ever ICO investment.

How did I get into this ICO?

It was a silly start. May 2017, CMC has just became one of my most visited sites and one day I noticed the advertisement banner on the top bar. Yes, it was the ICO ads for the NVO. I was thinking "*Wow, this is what every one was talking about, the ICO, cool!" Without a second thought, I quicly sent over a minor fraction of my BTC(which I can't remember how much already) from the Exodus wallet to the ICO address and boom! I completed my first ever ICO investment and got the NVST tokens, how cool this is!

Not long after that ICO, I knew I made a silly move.

I'm not saying I knew this is a shitty project at that moment but I was kind of caught in the FOMO emotion without realizing there are many more ICO project out there. And I should have do more research on it before the dive. "Anyway, god only knows if this coin would rockets one day."

It did not. And keep tanking since the completion of ICO.

During my last check upon the project development(was expecting for a 100% loss long time ago), to my surprise the team announced a refund to the ICO investor at the price of 0.00009292961 BTC/NVST. WOW, I'm still able to get back around 600*.00009292961 = 0.055757766 BTC. Absolutely not bad considering I was treating this fund as non-existant anymore.

一年多前什么都不懂机缘巧合下参加了人生第一个 ICO ,当时没有想那么多,就觉得终于可以参加大家都说得沸沸扬扬的 ICO 真的酷呆了。然而, iCO 完毕后价格就像溪水,缓慢但不绝的往低处流,就在昨天居然收到消息项目要终止了,项目方还会给予投资者退款,算一算我还可以得到 0.055757766 BTC,尽管我也已经忘了当初的投资数额,但对一笔本来当作是 100% 失去的投资忽然还可以有点残渣吃,还不错啦!

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At least you got back something and it wasn't a pure money grab

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Glad to hear you re-couped something. I feel your pain. While I stayed away from ICOs, I bought plenty of shitcoins. Lessons learned.