TeamMalaysia | Women's Bootcamp (The Real Deal) - My First Public Steemit Sharing Experience / 大马队|姐姐妹妹一起来学习吧!我的第一次公开Steemit分享(我的全集)

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Before this I have posted a preview during the event.

在这po之前,我po了篇前传 ,所以这是全集。

Well I am gonna treat this post as my second introduction post, as one of the assignments for all the lovely ladies is to write an introduction post. I wrote mine back then, but I don't think I wanna go back and read that. It's still me, but an old me. I am officially one year old in Steemit, so sort of like a reborn, new me... So and because today I was being put on the table and gave my first ever "official" public Steemit sharing "session". And then @bitrocker2020 got the earlier part recorded. So here goes nothing. Just re-write my intro post loh. :D

我将把这篇po当成是我的第二次自我介绍po,因为今天在场上课的漂亮姐妹们的功课之一就是po自我介绍篇。我上个星期刚满一岁(在Steemit里),也在阴差阳错之下被摆上台献出我的第一次(第一次公开分享我的Steemit旅程,不要胡思乱想,没别的)。然后 @bitrocker2020 也把我的分享前半段给录了下来。所以就这样咯!就让宝宝我任性一下嘛。。。嘻嘻,重新介绍我自己咯!

Drawn by my eldest daughter, Halley @halleyleow

Hi Hi! I am Eliza. A mother of 3 girls. I am officially one year old in Steemit. Ya, I just so happened to join earlier in January 2017. But as what I have shared in my video below, technically I am just 6 months old, because I joined and I slept. And really I started my Steemit Journey around June 2017. Back then, not many Malaysians steeming here. Just a few of us, and I got to know @bitrocker2020 and @awesomianist through @littlenewthings. I have known @littlenewthings and @ackhoo from the previous platform.


As what I have mentioned in the video, back then I just see Steemit as a social media, I post and make friends. This has been a habit for many of us from that previous social platform. It is a normal thing for us to post and engage. And the engagement is not like leaving comments "nice", "good post", "I follow you, please follow back", "I have voted, please vote back"... this kind of spammy comments were a big NO NO back there and HERE in Steemit as well. NEVER EVER LEAVE THIS SPAMMY COMMENT ANYWHERE HERE IN STEEMIT! Engage as in how you would talk to someone or to a friend. Read the post and comment from the heart.

I started very slow, my posts payout were little too back then, (ya, a bit sad, but hey, I invested nothing other than my time, which if I don't post here, I don't think I will be doing anything BIG either). It all started to grow when Team Malaysia started. Super blessed and super proud to be part of Team Malaysia. And then slowly from Team Malaysia, I joined other awesome groups and met more awesome friends.


Well now I still see Steemit as a social media platform because it is. The difference is that hey Steemit is a super cool platform that PAYS! Steemians appreciate original content. And everyone can produce original content. Be it in words or photos or videos. With Steemit and Team Malaysia and not to forget Sndbox, I am seeing a lot of potential in growing myself and people around me (financially and spiritually). We have many projects upcoming and in planning. So do stay tune to @myach for more announcements and updates. And if you have any proposal in mind, you can get in touch with @myach or any other members whom you wanna do this together and get the ball rolling. I never ever imagine that this would actually happen, but it did and it still is happening.


This is supposed to be about me, right? Uhm... well I tend to get sway away from the main topic, but then this is me. Writing here in Steemit is supposed to be having FUN. I am not really a writer writer, writing proper educational or professional writings isn't really FUN to me. I write as if I am talking to myself and/or talking to you. I write on things I like, so mostly I will be writing about photos I "shoot" with my phone whenever and wherever I go. Other than that, recently I have been sharing bits and pieces about my experiences here. You can find them here.


Steemit Tutorial - My Experience Sharing - What do I know about Upvoting? (Part 1) / 经验分享 - 我是怎么点赞的?(上集)

Steemit Tutorial - My Experience Sharing - What do I know about Upvoting? (Part 2) / 经验分享 - 我是怎么点赞的?(下集)

Steemit Tutorial - My Experience Sharing - How to get more UPVOTES? / 经验分享 - 我该怎么做才能得到更多赞?

And being part of Team Malaysia, I will try my very best to support projects whenever and wherever I can. So happy to be part of the moment with these awesome people.


Steem Event at Muzium Negara / 大马国家博物馆的Steem活动

TeamMalaysia | Women's Bootcamp (Preview) / 大马队|姐姐妹妹一起来学习吧!(前传)

More photos of the Women's Bootcamp / 姐妹团工作坊

Never forget the food!

Last but not least, would like to do some shoutout to these awesome people and communities and groups! Without you all, I won't be what I am today! With love, hugs and SMILE! 💕💖 💓 💗

最后我想借此向以下非常棒的朋友和群组致敬!没有你们就不会有今天的我。感谢你们一路的陪伴! 💕💖 💓💗

@littlenewthings @bitrocker2020 @zord189 @howtostartablog @alvinauh @perennial @ackhoo @pennywhl @sndbox @thesteemengine @thealliance @syndicates @qurator @mariannewest @awakentolife @uwelang @ana-maria @chloephuan93 @karinzdailygrind @davidke20 @aaronleong @htliao @livinguktaiwan @xiaoshancun @skyleap @maverickfoo @deborism @curie @kevinwong @hendrikdegrote and many many many more... Please forgive me if I didn't tag you here... It's me with my Dory's memory and it's already 1.33am now, so my brain isn't working properly right now... You know I LOVE YOU! And I do appreciate you being by my side! (1).gif

Image credits to @littlenewthings, @skyleap and @kira.ohba

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Thank you for the mention my amazing friend. I am happy we met as well. None of us here are professional writers, but like you say if we write like we are talking to each other right now, and from the heart, people will take notice. I am glad you put your TIME in here, because we all met here, and are growing each other together on Steemit. :)

And, I am looking forward what Steemit journey has in store for us in the future. Keep on writing and never LEAVE now. Or I WILL FIND YOU. lololol jk

Have an amazing day my friend. :)


Same to you... NEVER LEAVE or I WILL FIND YOU!!! LOL
Thanks Duro!
Have a great day!

Thanks for the mention @elizacheng, but the REAL champ is you! Grateful that you have been so kind and generous in guiding so many new Steemians around and sharing your knowledge with others. Blessed to know you


There're many more awesome veteran Steemian like @zord189 @alvinauh @howtostartablog @littlenewthings @cikxaijen in our team who are super friendly and helpful too!
And blessed to know you too ❤️


we all help and encourage each other. This is how team Malaysia will grow healthily together.


Yes. We are ONE big FAMILY!

You are always ever so sweet and helpful. Ysday you were at our steem-cartoon event and helping u are at the boot camp sharing your story...u are indeed a very nice lady. Your daughters would be so proud of u...i am proud of u by just being your friend. Always stay sweet eliza.


We are all one big family... :D

Got to share more lar. You're like the grandmama of our young community. :)


@craftsofluv a.k.a @littlenewthings joined earlier than me. She joined in August 2016... :D
Share share oklah... When we share more, we learn more... :D


I heard I was summoned to this reply? LOL.

Hello @maverickfoo . Hope when I can spare more time I will be able to hop by to see more of your events and bootcamp.

@bitrocker2020 speaks highly about your boiler room projects!


Must! @craftsofluv Must come and see @maverickfoo live for at least once... Funny, casual, yet educational... can learn a lot!!!

@elizacheng 不知不觉,你就这样被摆上台,成为大马团队的“大家姐”。与此同时,谢谢你为团队的付出,没有你们,大马团队就没有今天的成就。

大家一起努力加油,Ganbatte kudasai minna san :)


@elizacheng 表现得非常好. 看了她的分享真的为她感到骄傲 :)



doing a great job with steemit eliza x thank you

With love,

harj : ) xoxo
Abstract artist
(My latest artwork is "Government")




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It's a pleasure to meet you Eliza! I've seen TeamMalaysia around and I know you're a very close-knit community! I wish you all the best and thank you for your introduction. I got to know you a little bit. :)


Hi Hi! Thanks for dropping by! :D

Great post it sounds like the last year on steemit has been a good one. I am currently a few months in and loving it but getting into the habit of writing daily is a little difficult as I never really used to write anything but it has given a new appreciation for writing, especially after reading posts like this. Thanks for sharing and I hope it continues to be a great experience for you.


It started with loneliness, that's why I slept... Then became better and better. 2018 is gonna be a blast!!!
Same here. I am a procrastinator, not really like to write, coz too lazy... LOL... But because of Steemit, try my best to write more. Try the freewrite challenge by @mariannewest. It's a great kickstart for me... Maybe you will like it too... :D

I agree with you, I think ultimately it is a social media platform for engaging with others, so spammy garbage comments are not necesary. I love the way you write, keep being you whether its the old or new you! I tend to stray off subject too when I write, but I never claimed to be a famous writer either.


Thank you! Just be ourselves and spread the love, joy, smile and positive energy! Happy Steeming!
Thanks for dropping by! 💕💖 💓 💗