Prague/Czech Republic – Monday photo challenge - share your personal pictures from your visit to the Czech Republic! 布拉格/捷克共和國 - 週一照片挑戰 - 分享您訪問捷克共和國的個人照片!

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Hello fellow steemians,

Kindly accept my apologies for not rolling out my photo-sharing challenge of your personal images from Prague yesterday. I got kind of busy and occupied with so many things and I realized that way late to make the post. I will make it up to you today and be little more generous upvoting your contributions to the challenge as long as you fulfill the two basic requirements of the contest. Only the use of personal images from your travels to Prague and other locations within the Czech Republic with short description added to your image will be upvoted. Kindly place your entries in the comment section below. Thank you so much and have a great start to the week.




Image source: Shutterstock
Author: Hary
UNESCO Pilgrimage Church of St John of Nepomuk in Zdar nad Sazavou

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Prague by your fellow steemian @nina.nowak. Great contribution to my photo-sharing challenge!.
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Hi Tomas, I missed your Czech Republic challenge yesterday. ;) Here is a photo of us playing in Prague. Taken in the clock town on Old Town Square.



Haha, thanks! I hope slightly higher upvote makes it up:).... Have a good one Jaco!

Health and safety don't really spend a lot of time telling people what to do in the Czech Republic. That is why I was amazed when the man renovating the flat across the street from me was doing this with no safety rigging.


This is in Prague, and on the 4th floor.


Yep, sounds just about right! I like the pic though!

I have seen in early spring, kiosks in Prague squares selling and cooking food. Some of these kiosks roast big pieces of pork like the one shown in the photo. I notice that pork is very popular in the Czech cuisine.


Hmmm, that is the way! Czech way:)....Yummy...

The astronomical clock on the Olomouc town hall, originally built in 1419–1422. In 1955 it was completely rebuilt in the style of social realism.


Love Olomouc! Great contribution the contest. Thank you so much.

At the entrance to Charles Bridge, the Gothic structure rises. This is the Old Town Bridge Tower. Initially, the tower had a dual purpose. The tower was a fortress defensive building, but also triumphal. It was under the arch of this tower that the kings went to the Prague Castle. Hence the name "royal path".


Great contribution as always, thank you so much!

Picture of a really beautiful building on Wanceslas Square. Every time I walk on this street, I notice a new thing that didn't catch my attention the previous times! This is really amazing :)



Yep! That is the way, always look around you...

before I go to Prague, I really want to go to the Lennon Wall because I am a Hongkonger and I have experienced the Umbrealla Movement. At that time, there was a "Lennon Wall" sticking with lots of supportive sticker papers and I knew that I must visit the original one to feel how is it.

Lennon Wall = freedom + love + peace + happiness


Great contribution! Thank you so much!

They say that Prague is the golden city ! I completely agree


Wow, awesome image at golden hour. ;)


Wow, fabulous image!

making our way up towards parliament


What a view:)....

Nice shot!

wow thats a great photography @czechglobalhosts

wow nice photography, it's petty amazing, your monday challenge photo is nice,

very informative post.every moment i learn something from your to read it.

Nice Church indeed ,Nicely taken shot !