My Photography - Field scenery(Original)

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I live in the central part of China, where our main crops are rice and cotton.Farmers grow rice is mainly to keep their own family to eat, planting cotton will be sold to the government, is the main source of income.Now the cultivation of crops in rural areas has not yet fully mechanized, will be more difficult, so we should cherish the food, can not be wasted! Now it is autumn, and all you see in the fields are fast maturing crops. It feels good to give people the hope of a bumper harvest!

Hope you like!



thank you very much for posting.nice to see.

nice photo's thank you for sharing @birds90

Finally, no bitcoin and China news but some great pictures. :)
Thanks for sharing.


Nice shots...Awesome flowers...

Muy interesante, y me gustas las fotos

Saludos :)

I also belongs to a farmer family and after looking your photos of field i can say that it is approx ready to cut and bring out rice from them. Hope bringing rice from its plant will be post by you in steemit.

Wheres the birds? :D

Beautiful flowers!! The capture of the field is my favorite. What crops is it?

I love it, China is is amazing place and i hope to go one day! Keep up the good work!

great photos..

As always, very beautiful informative work, accompanied by beautiful photos.
Greetings friend @birds91

Beautiful photographs! much beautiful green!

nice pic 🇳🇱

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