Yoga, Homesteading, and Travel - Day 5 // 瑜伽,有机耕作和旅游 - 第五天

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Here are some snapshots of my life in travel, sustainable living, and yoga. Have a great day!

Taken in Kovalam, India

Just having some fun during our yoga teacher training :-) I couldn't have asked for a better teacher, Padma Nair. I also had the best classmates to go through the training with. I still remember our first day of class when the teacher said, "Now we prepare for headstand", and half of the room just laughed. Within a week we were all balancing on our heads.
在我们的瑜伽教师培训过程中找点乐子 :-) 我不可能再找到比帕德玛·奈尔更好的老师了。我也有最好的同学们一起参加培训。我还记得我们第一天上课的时候,老师说:“让我们现在来准备倒立”,一半的同学都笑了。不到一个星期,我们完全就能用头部保持平衡了。

Taken in the Bay Area

Last year I grew cayenne and jalapeño peppers and fell so in love with them that this year I'm growing 9 different kinds of peppers (including chocolate habanero!). My friend recently started a fermented hot sauce line that is so good. I'm hoping to experiment with some hot sauce fermentation for this year's harvest :-)

Taken in Varkala, India

This was taken on the cliffside of Varkala. My jetlag had me waking up at 4 am every morning for the first week, which was great for sunrise walking. Varkala was an awesome spot to start my India journey with ease, because it's so touristy and everything I needed was within short walking distance, but after two days I was ready to leave this cliffside resort town and find a place without so many foreigners.

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Good to know @anwenbaumeister that you practice Yoga. Actually I will be starting my yoga lessons from next week and I believe it's going to be worthwhile. Thanks for sharing.

@anwenbaumeister, 我好欣赏你滴~~~ img

Wow..great post with beautiful image..And your pepper tree is very nice..wish i can touch..your pepper..and sauce taste is very hot..and yammy. @anwenbaumeister

Good post,amazing post...thanks posting @anwenbaumeister


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your sunrise walks on the beach look heavenly. what a way to start the day!

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third photo: the name is CABAI MERAH ( Indonesian)
CAPLI MIRAH ( Acehness)