Yoga, Homesteading, and Travel - Day 1 // 瑜伽,有机耕作和旅游 - 第一天

in cn •  7 months ago

Here are some snapshots of my life in travel, sustainable living, and yoga. Have a great day!

Taken in the Bay Area

Three of my favorite things: yoga, nature, and sisterhood. The two of us have been holding hands and growing together since we were babies. It's such a gift to share practice with someone who holds me in all of my ageless forms.

Taken in the Bay Area

"You can spend your whole life traveling around the world searching for the Garden of Eden, or you can create it in your backyard." - Khang Kijarro Nguyen
“你可以花一生去世界各地寻找伊甸园,或者你可以在你的后院创造它。” - Khang Kijarro Nguyen

Taken in Alleppey, India

Instead of hopping on the famous Alleppey houseboats, I spent the day canoeing through the backwaters. With the canoes, we were able to go into small canal systems where the houseboats were not allowed. I loved the intimacy of being a foot away from the water and canoeing so close to the local folks' homes and everyday lives.

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You're American full an in depth understanding of Chinese? That's pretty epic!

This is great! @anwenbaumeister - if you were not already at 71 rep, I'll feature you and this post in the Pay It Forward contest and as a standard and model for other steemians - newbies.

Looks like a fabulous day! Fun sisters and yoga ❤️

This is so amazing, I can't the two of you friends again, you've become sisters.
Spending so much time together like that would make you to understand each other better.
Friendship is sweet when you share it with someone with your view of life.
Beautiful picture and beautiful little garden of Eden... Lol

wow the first picture, its looks really nice.

wow very nice cn

What a moving post - I feel the authenticity of your sisterhood; beautiful thing to share in such a beautiful place.

lovely yoga shot on the river!! you should trying to submit for the yoga contest by @dobartim ! i havent won yet but its fun to see everyones photos :)

naturally life

Sometimes i just create the garden in my mind. Nice pictures!


I am sagat agree with you ,, that degan yoga sport ,, can eliminate penak work day and nature very support us. Thanks