What shall we talk about today?

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I'd really love to be doing something fun, giving out some votes, but #clusterfork came along and fucked us all.

Apparently STINC put out a release in a hail mary attempt to un-fuck things a little bit, but, it was tossed together in a few days so what can we really expect? More untested code...

I suspect we've lost a good amount of users and will continue to do so until people can actually post, comment and vote freely again. Super shitty since this is the only site bringing in users are this point. Another unfortunate side effect of the poorly tested #clusterfork.

We'll see if things improve over the next couple days, hopefully things get back to "normal" around here. I'm not too hopeful.

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I can't believe I'm first to comment; and I'm a little bumbed-out. It will balance out me-thinks.. but a week will go by and lots of veteran and n00b STEEMIANS will be reconsidering, and licking their wounds.

I was gonna troll some more but since comments cost so much I have just been upvoting trying to get some curation. votes only cost 1/6 of a comment and they pay so fuck it. it it does not pay to be a community here anymore and @youalreadylost is out of RC so I can't even troll ned with him right now. :(
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I dont have any problems commenting...


Your balance is below $0.028. @dustsweeper is now disabled for your account until you transfer new funds. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here: https://steemit.com/dustsweeper/@dustsweeper/dustsweeper-faq


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Hoping the same!

I start delegating to plankton. So they have more rc or mana or whatever to post stuff.
Micro delegations only.
That seems the only thing I can do

Weekend plans?

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has the crisis pasted? looks like RC is recharging faster and the average person can transact again. forced vacation is over now need to think about another blog post.

The rage quitting has been humorous at least.

Mana bana

And the SMT apocalypse will arrive in a matter of time.

The Bitcoin wallet that is controlled by the Mt. Gox Trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi a.k.a. Tokyo Whale is quite possibly this one:


Its current balance is ~107,000 BTC.

More information


I am little sad with Resource Credit.
Its make me limited. And i am very sad. 🙁

The cost of commenting is far too high! A 500 SP account cannot do normal social networking. Sure, I can post, comment & upvote, but I will run out of RC far too quickly to be more than minimally active here. How will a brand new account survive? People will leave the site in droves.

I just want to waste some RC saying nothing.

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My power have not recovered yet... will vote again in few days.

Me either... I've been posting on Weku to try to pick up some of the slack, but I'm not optimistic that things will ever get back to any semblance of normality! I made $0.02 on my last post!

Here goes 2 more RC percentage points!

Yeah this is making the "normal" shitiness look pretty good lol.

When you have to bump up RC's by 10x, that's a good sign you never tested jack shit.

You just got free shitpost advertising on coin desk and now these long-winded posts are what you're putting out. Way to switch things up on people. Here have a nickel, they will probably zero our VP in the next update as well.


Oh settle the fuck down, it just doesn't make sense to make any other type of post at this point until shit is back to normal.


I was impressed to see you were the main focus of the article. I was like, hey I know that guy. It could have easily been about @ned and his inactivity and inability but they picked the fun guy over the hair guy.


See they did zero our VP again, lol. For fucks sake.

i barley use this pos anyway - although i think it might float for a little longer - but then again some turds float too - its not always a good thing

Just cant wait

Why cant people upvote and comment freely?
I havent noticed this does anyone have a article on this subject?