QUARTRAINIUM 86: Bonobo WARLORDS build trebuchet of VELVET DREAMS!

in clownadamus •  10 months ago

Careless wonderment before the ancient gods. The realms are separated, each kingdom forging swords and alliances - every principality in disarray. HAROLD the THIEF returns from Germania with potions and harlotry. A river of blood pours its mirth into the GREEN SEA, the generals meet to carve out spoils.

Nascent vegetable life clings deeply to a dead poet's verse, whale-professors provide instruction deep below - where the ocean's waters, in cool caress, hold mankind in eternal rapture.

5 bishops rise UP - a new religion is born in the ashes of PARIS. Women of WILLOW-SPRING, carrying lances, carve up a future for the sodden beasts of MORGANIS. The bishops stand nearby the last king of JASPER, and the young warriors lay drunken with whores.

For more prophecy: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yo5kW8pk1P0-_LMeGiw_mz2DLsWVLqYN/view

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