in clownadamus •  last year

Mortals gather at the pond to dispel any concern over the bubbling, frothy, ichor that sits as a filmy layer on the top. Toxic revelers dance near the cathedral, as the purveyors of TRUTH run screaming into the streets. One shall lay with stones and rats, while three will wander further down the path of forgetfulness.

Carrion lie strewn upon the path, vultures stare vacantly, food decays, coyotes hold court and pass sentence on raccoons. Kindling is piled high and the QUAKER GUNS stay pointed towards the EASTERN KINGDOMS as Asian princes make plans for war. Magog is without mercy, and the daggers of horror hang over the commonwealth of chastity.

A cold front passes overnight - fruit is frozen on the tree. Tarry not as you prance about today, never relinquish the spirit of disdain you feel for your coworkers.

Magic number for today: { 533538002 }

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