QUARTRAINIUM 105: Nascent crows monitor from above, as worms crawl underfoot ...

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Ditches being dug by traveling salesmen are too shallow, too narrow - the prince of Jasper is perplexed. Terrible storms approach from the EAST, as English gentlemen pass gas. Monitors and watchmen observe from the stone towers of London, and the last QUEEN is readying her speech. The sky is alight with red forms and a nasty green fog settles upon Oxford.

Cash managers hold their wealth too close to the heart. Captured ships are sunk, somewhere near the Spice Islands. Every rook is stationed near to Moscovy, as the mad-king transcends himself in prayer to demons. Dutch weavers are lost in work, the bread rises in a lonely cottage near Denmark. Zipangu tilts towards chaos, as Chinese generals stare at their maps and their soldiers sharpen their knives.

Golden mead is now served in the OLD CITY. Street urchins steal wallets and watches, the old bookkeeper tallies each day's earnings. The squid is upended as strange men in gray suits descend from the 20th floor - at great speed.

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