QUARTRAINIUM 104: Cats are roaming the countryside in search of human flesh ...

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The Cajun generals have sounded the alarm. Forces converge 4 days after the great celebration, the swamps provide cover for operations and other eldritch rites. The Bishop of Mims is absent from the conclave, as the papists declare war on all forms of witchery. Canals beset with clutter are not passable, horses cannot drag the barges and ships are not available. 24 of these horses have dropsy, and the squires are sick and twisted in the yard.

A chalice of poison is presented to the orangutan KING - his lords are driven insane and scattered, chattering magpies mock his bewilderment. The plague spreads, as the kingdom is torn in 4 pieces - each with its own plans, 2 of them will make an alliance, one will fall, one will be left isolated and surrounded. King of Cash will pour the fuel upon the pyre only to see smoke and the whistling noise of madness. Great tumult is felt among the citizens of Hornia.

"Not now you dumb beast!", screams the wizard to his monster. The monster was created to dig trenches, but now this Golem stands astride the 7 trading houses of New Holland. A tempest brews as printers grow weary and run out of ink. A squid, a cat, and a dog make merry in the basement - the rats hold meetings in secret.

School children are rounded up and sent "someplace" - but this "place" is nowhere. Teachers scavenge their belonging in search of booty. None is found. Only the emptiness of broken ideas.

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A cats field of vision is about 185 degrees.


Another cat fact! - they make an excellent food source ...


Cats have individual preferences for scratching surfaces and angles. Some are horizontal scratchers while others exercise their claws vertically.