Teaser picture of my online clothing store! New official logo! and more!

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Hello Everyone,

I am so close to getting my online clothing brand / store off the ground!! Here is a teaser picture of the store:


When I reach about 20 to 25 or maybe even 30 designs, I will launch it.

Official Logo Large (Main):


Official Logo Small (Secondary - Mostly for Social Media thumbnails and what not)


Logo's on t-shirts:


Please!! Go to this link: http://www.mrmichaelsclothing.com and put in your e-mail address to be notified!!

(I do not share e-mail addresses with anyone or any third party!! I am not a sneaky salesman type business person, I am very honest and open about business practices. The best businesses have great quality products and excellent customer support. That is what my business will always be about!!)

Also a Steemit t-shirt is in the works!! I am trying to finalize a design that I like and when its done I will post about it with a link as to where you can purchase one. I will be giving away 1 or 2 with a small contest as well.

I am glad things for me are looking up. I am still in debt like most of you out there, but I am trying to free myself from financial burden with - WORK HARD - NEVER GIVING UP - BE STUBBORN AS FUCK, and NEVER TAKE NO AS AN ANSWER!

There is profits to be made out there, you have to go and grab it!

With that said,

I wish you all the best with your goals and ambitions.

As Always,

Work hard, stay humble and Steem On!!


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Wow great idea @gre3n
Hope it work for you.
Best of luck dear. Its an amazing idea.


Thank You for your kind words!!