My conversation with Dane Wigington

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My conversation with Dane Wigington

Dane Wigington is the head researcher at I spoke to him last Wednesday on my weekly program that broadcasts out of Wynwood, Miami. I stream LIVE weekly on Wednesday at 5pmEST. I try and tackle subjects that are hard hitting and controversial. Issues main stream - centralized - media won't approach.

To say Dane is "sounding the alarm" is descriptively quiet. He's not only blaring the alarm, he's attempting to do it, from the four corners of the earth, if you will. Take this billboard for example that was erected, I believe, in the SW of the US. He has placed many others in other regions.


Having worked a nice career with Bechtel Power Corp, Dane first began to focus his efforts on investigating geoengineering when he began to lose very significant amounts of solar uptake (solar panels) from his - off-grid - home in Northern California. A few air sample later his researcher turned up the following results: due to ever-increasing "solar obscuration", caused from aircraft spraying, the particles being emitted into the atmosphere above his home, caused sun rays to bounce and reflect back into the sky. This, not reaching the panels to fuel his home. He has now dedicated, full steam ahead, all the days of his life toward research the geo engineering issues of the planet, whether they include those that are don't to help combat climate change, or those that are adding to it. The research he's knee deep in, includes solar radiation management and global ionosphere heaters like those at HAARP. His large wildlife preserve next to Lake Shasta in Northern California, the personal residence spoke of here, was featured in a cover article on the World's largest renewable energy magazine, Home Power. His website has drawn well over 28Million visitors. He means business and he's finding his voice can't project loud enough. He was kind enough to accept invitation to appear on my show - in effort to help him project that voice.

So the dots from aerial spraying of aerosols and aluminum particles like barium are nothing new to the US. There are well documented studies done on US and other global populations. The practice, as Dane mentions, stretches back over 70 years. Take for instance, Operation Popeye. This was a highly classified weather modification operation aimed at extending the Monsoon Season and focused at causing flooding over the Ho Chi Min Trail. 1967-1972. It is believed that Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and the CIA sponsored the sprayings without the authorization from Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird. This included a practice known as cloud seeding.

Take now, for instance, the 1950's in San Francisco. The US Navy conducted something called Operation Sea-Spray. This included aerial spraying of populations in the area with Serratia marcescens and Bacillus globigii bacteria. This seems to have been an experiment to measure population health reaction.

You may even consider now what happened to Miami during the hurricane season of 2016 - which I was well apart of. A Zika virus outbreak hit the area after a nasty outbreak had hit Brazil. Local government, mandated by the Center for Disease Control, sprayed populations, including Wynwood, with an organophosphate pesticide known to be a neurotoxin called NALED. Banned by the European Union and rejected by Puerto Rico, NALED (also known as Dibrom), contains Napthaline. This chemical, which has been classified by the EPA as a "possible human carcinogen", has caused lung tumors in mice. It just so happens that this pesticide is known to cause MICROCEPHALY. The same argument the CDC uses for the Zika virus. So, wait... both the pesticide and the virus cause the same thing? Correct. Hmmm. You be the judge. Here's what else alarmed me: in my investigation of the NALED sprayed, I discovered that the Rockefeller Foundation had financial interest in both. In so much that they own the patent on cultivating ZIKA and they also owned an interest in the business that developed the pesticide - the Chevron Chemical Corporation (1956, I believe).

Did I mention pesticides like Dibrom are known to have killed MILLIONS of honey bees. A declining honey bee population is catastrophic to a number of industries - those include dairy and cotton.

So back to Dane. Dane began sounding his alarm because the sun over his roof was being diminished. I began sounding my alarm after getting sprayed with NALED and having spent 10 days sick as a dog in bed, 3 different times within 6 weeks. I attribute that ENTIRELY to the NALED spraying which symptoms are those that include "flu-like".

Are you aware of something called Operation Paperclip? You should be. It essentially brought some of Hitler's brightest minds to the US during WW2. Read up on it. Yes, it connects to what I'm saying here.

Barium. It's an aluminum salt. High levels of it have been found in testing zones on Mount Shasta, CA. That's basically the same area Dane lives in. You may have it being sprayed on you and you possibly don't even realize it. The chemical attacks the nervous system, and cause everything from disturbed sleep, nervousness, emotional instability, memory loss, headaches, and even impaired intellect. But, again, pretty normal every day symptoms, right? Well, take this into consideration: there are air, and soil and water samples tested in this region and in close by Siskiyou County. The aluminum levels found are high enough to kill a moose. In fact some are saying that the levels are “off the charts”. Showing the highest reading at 4,610 times the maximum contaminate level for drinking water in CA. A recent snow sample taken form Ski Bowl on Mt. Shasta showed 61,000 ug/L, 61 times the maximum contaminant level for aluminum in drinking water. Urinary traces of mercury, cesium, barium and aluminum have been linked to autism in young children. Study here:


So, if you're a grown matured adult, like myself, some of these symptoms might seem minor. Taken into consideration the element of actually proving a plane is emoting these particles over your head... well, take heed of the fight Dane is incurring. But the most important item to weigh in on here is that of an underdeveloped immune system. Dibrom being sprayed over my head will cause flu-like symptoms or a bad headache. But, to the developing brain in a fetus: brain damage or deformation. This is fact. It's why the EU had banned the chemical. So, in a toddler or young child - yes, something like autism seems to be an easy onset. Look at the fight Wayne Rohde has on his hands. Read his book: Vaccine Court. His boys were born strong and healthy. Received unnecessary vaccinations and both are now fully autistic.


Dane is making a strong push. He's barking up Capital Hill. He's appearing on television and radio programs. He's offering free literature and information/education. He wants a happy clean planet and a happy healthy global population. He, like myself, and countless others, know that time is ni. Time is drawing thin. It seems that weather these practices are either malicious (Operation Popeye) or simply intended to help reverse the seeming effects of carbon emissions, what ever the motive, our trees are drying out - their root systems are weakening, our forests are burning. We are seeing "methane blowouts" from ice sheet retreating. And, of course, we are seeing an increase in disease and health ailments like autism and diabetes (


So, please have a look at Dane's website. Consider the information he's publishing. I urge you to listen to our conversation: and if you align yourself with any thing said or heard here: please make your own effort to stop centralizing the air we breath. Sound the alarm.

Thanks for reading.

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