Green Tara Transmission: Invoking Liberation from all Mental/Energetic Poisons.

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"Vajrayana Buddhism. Green Tara is known as a protector from fear and all other major sources of suffering: pride, delusion/ignorance, hatred/anger, jealousy, fanatical views, avarice/miserliness, attachment/aversion as well as acting as a guardian against lower astral and galactic energies and entities. Green Tara is known as the "Mother of Liberation". In this transmission there is a clearing of mental poisons and delusions which generate unnecessary suffering.
“We bow down to you, Green Tara, Great Goddess, liberator from suffering generated as this world moved through a great darkness and polarisation. You bring liberation from this 3D paradigm and all associated suffering connected to birth, old age, sickness and death. You are the great protector who helps us safely move across the great ocean of existence. We call to you to assist unbinding us from all negative karma and all associated stories, beliefs or attitudes, judgements, lower frequency thoughts, ignorance and all bondage. We call to you and request refuge and your blessings in our hearts and minds. Great Goddess, we ask you to purify all impurities we have picked up from the 3D Matrix, impurities of mind, of heart, of body, of ego, all our choices, our speech and our actions. Purify us from pride, delusions, ignorance, hatred, rage, envy, attachments/aversions, and all lower astral and galactic energies and entities. Assist us in this cleansing of all mental and energetic poisons so we may vibrate at a higher frequency and know our true Buddha/Christ Nature.”

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