On the pursuit for a better and cleaner planet

in cleanplanet •  4 months ago

Hello guys,
It's been a while
Did you miss your favourite clean the planet girl? Lol
It's my 5th clean the planet video, it's hard to believe.
It's another day and another place on planet earth is cleaned.
Thanks @cleanplanet for this movement, it's one of the amazing thing that happened to me this year.

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Voce foi selecionado pela curadoria @brwhale e recebeu um voto 100%. Continue com o excelente trabalho para continuar recebendo nosso voto grátis.


I don't understand what you just said but thanks
I will use Google to translate it.


You were selected by @brwhale curator, and got a 100% upvote. Please carry on with the excellent work to keep receiving our free upvote.

Really good @peachyladiva
Great cleaning action !
Upvoyed 100% by @cleanplanet
Continue it !

Regards to!
If we do not keep the earth clean then our existence will be in danger. It is better than to preserve our existence, give us priority to sanitation, care for it and plant trees. Every earthwill contribute and keep the earth from pollution so that our future is also saved. If we do not do this, then in the coming days, pollution will lead to the destruction of our soil. In future, our generations will be suffering from diseases, for a clean environment, I will not only eat pure water for drinking on the earth nor eat food. For grain production can not be produced nor will it be able to get pure air to breathe. Therefore, let us all plant trees together and save our land.


Nice one @certain
Please continue to spread the word.

We really need more people like you to save our planet !
Great job !
!gif earth


Thank you, you should try cleaning too!