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I just so happen to have gotten back into the clay art making fun time again lately, and i also just so happen to have made something that fits into the Something That Scares Me category in @josejirafa's latest #clayartcontest Seafood/Fish/Sea Creatures :S bleurghhhh i hate everything about them, the sight, the taste, the smell and the touch (the noise isn't too bad though!) anyway, i've been using glass jars that had nice rice pudding in and turning them into cool jars to keep stuff in instead.. to make this i covered the lid in tinfoil scrunched into a basic fish shape, then made the lips and teeth, then started at the tail to do the scales. once i had that baked and the foil removed, i made the octopus bit around the jar by layering colours to make the head bulging in the middle and stripey, then did the legs by mixing 2 colours then rolled them together, pointed the ends, chopped in 2 then pressed on to the base and twisted them. simples! haha :) thanks @josejirafa for the chance to win! i would nominate @taylormadefilm to make something too but i doubt he has the time at the mo!






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very beautiful I believe you will win. God Bless

well thank you very much! have a good one! :)

It looks so... squishy. It looks like an octopus being bitten by a colorful shark-like fish. I can see why you you are scared of them. Must be from the darkest recesses of your imagination. Anyways, great stufff @justdik! Nice to have you around once more. Best of luck!

thanks bro! :) hope you're well!

Upvoted ☝ Have a great day!

thanks! you too! :)