It's really scared me #clayartcontest #6

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Hi STEEMIANS its me again sharing my clay art contest @josejirafa with the theme ''something that scares you'' image.jpeg. First that scared me is RAT image.jpeg.i don't know why ? Maybe I'm afraid that they will bite me .my mother and my niece they experience bitten by rats .and lots of people die because of RATS how sad 😭. Second ...image.jpegSNAKES I've seen many times it's really makes me feel shock and my heart beating fast and honestly I run away.last November when we visit my father in cemetery we saw a big snake image.jpeg.image.jpegand my cousin told me its already died but im still afraid 3rd is image.jpegLIZARDS all kinds of lizard scared me .Even until now everytime im going to bed I just checked my room if there is a lizard Hahahah if I saw lizards im not going sleep really I cant sleep especially ''Toko' im going to transfer another room. lastly image.jpegCOCKROACHES my experienced bitten by cockroach it's not easy my arms become bigger and itchy. All of them scared me and I don't want to see them all .image.jpeg
Everyone is invited to join the Clay Art Contest hosted by @josejirafa. I nominate @rica170 to join and to show your talent in arts .Thank you Godbless us all.

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This is so typical for me. I would personally hate to see these creatures anywhere near me as well. It's definitely something I would never look forward to.

Your creations are really rounded and cute. I especially loved the lizard and the rat. And the cockroach! Hahaha it's supposed to be scary it looks so harmless now that it's made with clay.

Good morning @josejirafa thank you .! By this contest in my emagination i can touch those animal that's scary me Hahahha in a clay form . But anywe I'm Looking forward for other clay art contest theme . Thank you and Godbless!

Amazing😍 They look like a true animal toys to me 😊 From their color to sizes👏👏👏... Thanks for sharing your artworks to us😊

Good morning @dapmonylia thank you so much.. Please do clay art contest by @josejirafa .it's really fun.

Hahaha... I'm not an artist though but I'll try😂