What if? #1.

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Have you ever wondered how different life would be if the food we munch on was alive? I know some are but what about our snacks? The chips you munch on, what if they were little individuals that suddenly attained life and are ready to jump on straight to your mouth or maybe trying to escapse?

Consider the story of "toys story". A bunch of toys living like humans with the goal of bringing happiness to the child they are given to. What if our snacks are the same as the toys where all they want was to provide the joy of flavour to someone?

This was the concept I had in mind the moment sir @josejirafa introduced a new #clayartcontest with snacks being the main theme.

Initially, I was going to go with the "eat me and be happy" vibe but I decided to make the piece a bit more dramatic where the snacks are trying to go against the herd and start a new life. Buuut! They do have to escape my ever hungry clutches though. 😅

This was really simple to make so I didn't take a lot of process pics.

The first step was to make the basic donut shape. Don't forget to adjust their forms depending on what you wa t them to do. In my case, I wanted one to be the look while the other is dragging their injured buddy.
temporarily adding eyes and using aluminum wire for the arms amd legs makes it easier to achieve the look you want

I then proceeded to add more details such as sprinkles, hands and feet.LogoLicious_20180221_165905.png
In case you're wondering, I made 3 because I love strawberry, chocolate and ube with sprinkles flavoured donuts the most in descending order. The ube one is also partially eaten because I always leave my favorite for last 😂

I took a test shot before baking to see if I'm happy with the look.LogoLicious_20180221_165932.png
Looking great

Now for the paintLogoLicious_20180221_170001.png

Time for the photoshoot 😄

Hope you enjoyed!
I used du-kit polymer clay, acrylic paint and aluminum wires.

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HAHAHA. This is so amusing. I really love how you personified your favorite snack. I happen to really love donuts as well. Thanks for entering my contest again. I am sure that people will love your entry. Its pure genius. Best of luck to you!

Ty so much! I really had a blast making this pieces. 😂 I'm glad you like it! I hope to see more and more artists join your great contest.

Very creative :D I've followed you. I'll be waiting for your next art :)

ty so much! I followed you too! Your art work is so amazing and so clean. Keep being awesome!

Thank you :D

Good one @bigboycrafts. I like the story and drama in this one haha. Truly fun post. More power!

Ty as always @jazzhero 😊 I'm trying out new styles!

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