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Jeff Mills aka The Wizard, one of the founding fathers of Techno, early 80s, Detroit. Not because of that, I find him one of the greatest artists ever in Techno landscape, but because he persistently produces good music! Jeff is for sure in the top of my MUSIC PYRAMID. If we would use Steemit categories, he would be one of the biggest WHALES.

Although I don't know Jeff personally, he is for me one of those artists that I place in the top of another PYRAMID, the one of RESPECT. As an artists, he does what he feels like - not commercially at all - an absolute minimalist, 100%+ focussed on what he does, and he always want to start something new, something that is not mainstream. That makes him an artists pure sang!

In 2005 he launched a new project, integration of techno with classical music. Together with the Montpellier Philharmonic Orchestra he created a composition based on 15 of his tracks and brought it to the public at Pont du Gard - close to Montpellier. The concert was free of charge, how cool! Although I was quite near to Montpellier at the time, unfortunately I could not attend the event. Fortunately - for me and us - Jeff created a recording of their live performance and published a DVD and CD. It is that CD I share with you today.

  • Artist: Jeff Mills
  • Album: Blue Potential (live recording)
  • Style: Modern Classical / Techno
  • Year: 2005

Get your HIFI system setup, and hit the play button!

Jeff Mills - Blue Potential (2005)


The March
Time Machine
Entrance To Metropolis
Keaton's Theme
The Bells
Gamma Player
Medium C: The Urge To Swirl Alone In A Pool Of Ridicule
See This Way
Sonic Destroyer

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The master all masters !

You said it right!

Great post!

I'm gonna look more into Jeff Mills. Been long over due...

He is an amazing artists. Quite a few f his sets I dont like, but those I do, are so good!