Happy Upbeat Relaxation Music

in classical-music •  6 months ago 

Released on YouTube today an upbeat piece of music featuring piano, guitar, horn and saxophone.
composed and played by Jackie Clark specifically for honeycup Waters.

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Well, true to the title of this post: it really was a happy and upbeat music that I think anybody on a stressful day from any line of work or hobby can sit down to and relax. I mean, I was playing this in the background and felt way calmer despite already being calm and so I thought of leaving a comment here to populate the comment section below!~ c:

Instruments used: I mean, it was spelt out in the post here and definitely present in the music-video itself. From pianos to guitars and horns and saxophones. Quite a nice arrangement yah got going there, makes itself definitely present for a simple (probably clean) arrangement of jazzy music. Very much nicely composed there Jackie Clark, yah done yerself a good one here in probably yer long career to be honest. Nothing much left to say in this category.

The video itself: now, there's only so much I can say on a slideshow/power-point-styled video. It definitely is a nice collage of fotos (photos) in the day time of things that have a nice capturing of both mountains of various kinds and clouds with nice variety as well. Probably only thing to really talk about is how they often transition into each other in certain sections that go lightning fast (still slow for a blink of an eye), probably want to let the images "rest" and stick out a bit more for any other music videos that involve a shift of images. Gave my eyes some irritation of how it constantly shifted to the other foto (photo) despite knowing it was going to shift. Otherwise, I like how some images were zoomed in - just very æsthetic.

The mass: Well, the Whole is definitely more than the sum of its parts, and I got to say with everything considered, it really does well in the calming department and being nice to listen into. Definitely deserves the @curie upvote it had received and I like to see more people commenting down here.

So happy music-creating and happy steeming!

Thanks very much for that very detailed comment. Comments like this are very helpful. Regarding the images changing at speed, it is always difficult to decide if changing quickly in time with the beat is best or keep them on longer and obviously change less often. Some who also do similar types of videos just show one image on the video throughout the whole video.
The figures from the Youtube stats show no difference to views and watch time for any of the different methods. This makes comments like yours so helpful in deciding what the best method is. Thanks very much and hope you enjoy the music in the future.

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hi @honeycup-waters
a beautiful composition! And the photos of the video are super !!
congratulations and thanks for sharing with us

Thanks very much, sorry about the delayed reply. Our internet went down last Friday and was only fixed today on Monday morning. Glad you enjoyed the music.

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