Classical-Music Curation 20th June 2018

Opening Ramble

Nothing to much to ramble on about this week, so let's just jump straight to the good stuff... right after:

Community information

Composer of the Week for this week are the composers: Igor Stravinsky, Rebecca Clarke and Evard Grieg. Taking submissions for Johann Christoph Friedrich (JCF) Bach, Isabella Leonarda and Jaques Offenbach. Easy chance to share your love for music and take home some SBD in the process!

Please post in #classical-music if you want the support of the two community accounts (@classical-music and @classical-radio). The accounts are manually curated and it is too time consuming to chase posts all over Steemit! Please help us out by flying the community colours, the cut and paste code is the Discord.

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Comment, upvote and resteem. Support each other and we will grow strong together as a community!

Featured Posts

Leo Brouwer - Estudios Sencillos, n6 by @guifaquetti

Mejor Así by @mayneth, C2

In Memoriam, Original Composition (Recital Performance) by @cmp2020

Aquí Estoy Señor by @jesuslnrs

Bach - Fuga BWV 1001 - Cuatro Venezolano by @mayneth

Summertime (duet in a Doublebass) by @racso, C2

O SOLE MIO by @andreabortone, Curie and C2

Dowland’s “Midnight” by @heatherthebard

Origins of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by @cmp2020

ME Me ME!!!!!

This week has found me rediscovering my love for Stravinksy's music, with two @recordpool submissions on Jeu de Cartes and the Suite Italienne. In addition, there was a little musical selection for a Steemit friend.

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