View from the Docks


Vancouver is a vastly diverse and dense city. From Kits to Gastown, to Granville Island to UBC. Its been labeled the no fun city. It has suffered through not one but two riots due to sporting events but it continues to be a center for both community and commerce.

Always in a constant state of growth, it one of the most attractive cities to live in and visit in North America. I've called it home before and may someday again. But its certainly one of my favourite places to visit.

Have a great Tuesday everyone and thanks for reading.


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Is very beautiful city so many buildings make it look beautiful for an excellent photography @scottdphoto



Wow! Beautiful shots.🤗💙
Thanks for sharing this post.

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I’ve connected to a few Vancouver writers and their musing on their city also make it seem an inviting place to visit and perhaps live.

This is an amazing thing place to see...and the funny thing is that it could be filled with boats for a moment and at the other moment all the boats are gone. Awesome shot as it not only took the boats but also the background buildings ..

Nice shot Scotty, if you have some time to spare have a look at my latest series - PS I have you tagged on my blog. Never forget the first time you helped me out.