Kuala Lumpur Dawn View Pasar Seni

in cityscapephotography •  4 months ago

I was keeping very odd hours when I first got to Kuala Lumpur. This is the view at dawn from the terrace of the hostel I stayed at. I had been up there all night working and then would go sleep during the day. It seemed to give me more focus to say up through the night, and I certainly was not alone. My guests wuold also be up there with me as we all were a bit out of sorts.

Pasar Seni dawn View 2 fitinfun.jpg

This is my entry for @photocontests #cityscapephotography by @juliank. You can join today’s contest with a photo of any city view. I use my cell phone for photos. It is an istyle imobile.

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KL looks interesting, I would like to visit there

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