Responsibilities Are The Gift Of Being You

in #circumstances2 years ago

Each and every day is a brand new responsibility. And each time, we fail to do the right thing. We can't help but make mistakes, whether we are aware of them or not.

Our lives are all about making a choice. A choice of whether to find peace in all of our circumstances. Or, to go with the flow, to keep up with the Joneses, to deny ourselves, and give ourselves away. Instead, we make choices that lead us into trouble.

We pick up baggage in our past. Nothing is ever easy when you're looking back on a long history. History has a habit of bringing us back into the fray, yet again. When you do, you're faced with the heavy burden of your past. And it takes its toll.

Life is a never-ending journey through discovery. It's this discovery that makes living worth living. The journey itself is responsible.

We carry responsibilities as we travel through life. A man who tells you to be happy with all the challenges he sets for you takes on your responsibility as well. One who holds all of your burdens, and tells you that you can weigh the same amount of baggage, do not take on your responsibility.

Life is actually a blessing. It is the opportunity to learn, grow, and experience life to the fullest. But, in order to have the greatest experience, you must also choose to live life fully, by giving yourself the most freedom, and the most responsibility. We live to serve others, so the more responsibility we take on, the greater chance there is for us to serve others.

To fill our lives with the maximum amount of responsibility is to live from the heart, and to give ourselves a momentary feeling of purpose. From there, we decide what our priorities are going to be and give our best to those priorities. When we choose to honor ourselves, we are honoring the essence of our mission.

There are many ways that we can grow and become the person that we want to be. But, we have to start where we are, with the responsibility that we were given

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