"The Adventures of Tintin" by Steven Spielberg - review

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I suppose not only that I was wondering what would happen from the collaboration between two of the greatest contemporary directors. Comic book layout, computer animation and 3D sounds like everything else but not something to be taken seriously. I admit that my preliminary expectations were not particularly high, but that has nothing to do with my final assessment of the film. My whole prejudice has evaporated with the initial inscriptions (which would be envied by Sol Bass), and after the final I can say without any remorse that this is really good adventure . Known by the comic by the Belgian artist Erge, they say that the projection is as faithful as possible to the original. Even if we accept this claim blindly, it is only a small part of the film's merits. Stephen Spielberg and Peter Jackson have taken care of everything to the point where the perfect mix of taste is made for both small and large, tempered filmmakers and those for whom the film is just an addition to popcorn.


To begin with, we have to boast of the two Hollywood titans that have chosen British writers Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish, whose storyline features everything needed for an unforgettable adventure. Mystery, action, tension, comedy and exotic destinations are dosed so there is no component to dominate the others. What's more, in a non-typical style, history is built with relative complexity and there is no room for boredom at all. More conservative viewers will surely find a certain schematics in the images, but against the background of such productions, Tintin is a real masterpiece. It seems that Spielberg wanted to do the utmost in the name of entertainment, and his euphoria was evident from the fact that he finally found the means to do it. With the help of technology, he is as loose and his boldest intentions, thanks to which most of Tintin's Adventures deserve to fall into the textbooks. From the sophisticated retro atmosphere, through incredible action scenes, to Indiana Jones and Jaws, all demonstrate the pleasure that one of the genius of cinema once again breaks the boundaries and creates new ones. Among all this visual abundance, it is difficult to point out the best time, but my choice is for the part in Morocco with the performance of the Milan Nightingale and its subsequent persecution.

Although motion capture technology may still be desired, the images are alive and quickly grab the viewer. At first glance, Captain Hudoc and Sakharin seem to be better than Tintin, but overall the animation is much more convincing than the Polar Express. Without self-explanatory demonstrations, Spielberg explores the maximum of the three-dimensional image that turns Tintin's Adventures into one of the few movies that deserve 3D viewing. Thanks to the reasonable decision of distributors not to duplicate the film, we can enjoy the original cast, featuring Jamie Bell / Andy Serkis and Nick Frost / Simon Pegg. Daniel Craig is also convincing as the main villain. Although we do not find a composition that has the potential to become a hit, John Williams' music is at the usual high level and is an important part of the action.


Undoubtedly, Tintin's Adventures is the best that computer technology can offer. More importantly, combined with the incredible talents of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, we can witness one of the less and less frequent moments demonstrating the cinema. If someone is going to look for flaws, they will surely find them, but I doubt there will be time for that. I assure you that when the lights are extinguished, you will not want anything but enjoy this unique game of imagination. The film's success is completely deserved, and I personally do not remember another case for which I hope to have an continuation.

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Great review! I loved that movie.

I wish it had done better, because I wanted sequels, maybe "The Calculus Affair," or, for the sci-fi action, a "Destination Moon"/"Explorers on the Moon" combo movie.

I recently asked my mother what she did with my treasured complete collection of TinTin books, and she said she gave them to charity. I hope someone out there is still reading them! :)

I am a big fan of Tin Tin :)... Nice review !

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I do like Tintin, the cartoon is very interesting than others