My Past Few Evening’s Cigars

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Good Evening, I haven’t been posting ad reviewing much, but here are some recent and notable sticks I have puffed in the last few days.

The Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Private Reserve.

Just before his death last year, Carlos Fuente Sr. Had celebrated his 80th birthday, and for that the Private reserve was released. This blend was Carlos’ daily smoke, and finally released for all to enjoy.


The Don Carlos Personal Reserve is a Dominican Puro, and a lovely smoke indeed. I lit one up on Saturday, mostly in honor of my daughters birthday, she selected it for me from my humidor. Such a beautiful cloudy smoke, delicate flavors of cream, cashew, rose petal, and cocoa.

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The CAO Brazil


Wrapper: Brazilian
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Vitola: 6 x 50 (Toro)
Price: $4.50

The Brazilia is a tasty but finicky cigar, you will need to be aware of the temperature while smoking, that is if you want to get the best flavors out of it. The burn-line wasn’t perfect, but didn’t require touching up. Smoke output was on the sparse side of the spectrum, yet satisfying enough.

The CAO Brazilia is one of those cigars that shines when considering the price, at least with online pricing, not most Cigar shops. You will find a much better deal that is under MSRP online, but may have to search a little for deals.

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Padron Churchill Maduro


No surprise here, the Padron Churchill is my go to, and daily smoke. I purchase a box every month.

The Padron Churchill Maduro is a cigar I cannot recommend enough. If you are searching for a full flavored cigar, one that won't knock you on your backside, or hit you hard in the pocketbook, any Padron standard line cigar is a must try. I favor the churchill size out of the lineup mostly because it boarders a lancero in thickness, a 46 ring size is thin for most churchills.

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I was wondering what happened to you these last few days, I enjoyed your videos immensely and am looking forward to your next one.

I've been learning how to post videos on dtube, seems that mine tend to buffer when viewing. I changed my video settings to 720p and it seems to be fixed.

Where do you usually search for on-line cigars? Do you have a go to website that you start off on?


Thank you, I appreciate the encouragement. I too am new at dtube, and not very natural at it, but hey it’s fun to learn new things... I think I will post another tomorrow or the next day. It is a lot of work!

You mean buying cigars? My go to large retailer is, since they usually have great coupons for free cigars with orders, or you can use the promo code from my FB group: vip100 for 17% off most brands.

Otherwise I find some of the smaller online retailers to be fantastic deals as well.


Thank you for the heads up on I'll check them out. 🚬


The 17% off won’t work on Padron, Fuente, and maybe one or two other brands. But it does work even if sale/clearance items.

The Fuente private reserve is a good smoke but pricey.

I'm with you on the Padron though, fantastic smokes and consistently great in both taste and construction.


Oh for sure, I am with you there too., but they are nice to have on hand for special occasions!

So many cigars you have tried out so nice :)

That sure seemed cool I guess and the collections kept by them sure seems great !