A Brief Cigar Review - La Duena by My Father

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The La Duena is one of my favorite cigars that My Father offers. The flavor profile is a break from the spicy norm of the Don Pepin, and My Father Cigars.


The Garcia family, owners of My Father Cigars, are brilliant cigar makers. The first line of cigars to come out of the company were the spicy Don Pepin, followed by a cigar line named after his son, Jaime Garcia. Finally, Don Pepin Garcia’s daughter, Janny, built a cigar that catered to her appetite of a full flavored yet medium strength cigar. Time to review a cigar I already know is good. 😛


Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf & Nicaragua
Filler: Connecticut Broadleaf & Nicaragua
Vitola: 6 x 42 (Petit Lancero)
Price: $7


The dark brown hued wrapper is somewhat rustic with visible veins, and a not so smooth feel. The aroma coming from the foot is strong of raisin, barnyard, and earth, while the cold draw presents notes of cocoa and coffee.


The artwork on the band has a classical appearance, a silhouette of a woman and the name of the cigar. The pigtail cap brings a nice touch.

Flavor and Smoke

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The beginning flavors are pleasant chocolate and mint with a bit of graham cracker, these are the forefront notes. It reminds me of those thin mint Girl Scout cookies, although without the sweetness. The finish on the flavor profile is cedar and mild spice.

The smoke production is on the cloudy side. The smoke is not all that creamy, but far from harsh, it gives it a little kick on the retro-hale.


Halfway through, I notice a slight increase in the almost absent sweetness. Otherwise for the most part the profile remains unchanged with the same chocolate, mint, and graham notes making the majority of the noise, then the cedar and very mild spice on the finish. This probably doesn't sound like a flavor profile that balances well together, but these two mini-profiles, in the vast flavor profile, act somewhat separately of each other..., one comes first, followed by the other.


Much like the beginning of the smoke, the sweetness becomes less noticeable as the cigar burns down in the final section, also the profile nuances darken as a whole. Despite the darker flavor profile, the La Duena remains medium in strength, and quite tasty.

Final Thoughts

The La Duena by My Father Cigars is a fantastic medium bodied smoke that's packed with flavor. Construction-wise, the ash was pretty flaky and does not hold on strong at all, much like a Padron. If you aren't diligent, you will be wearing it. Otherwise, both the burn and draw were phenomenal, no re-lights needed.

Overall the La Duena is a medium body stick, with flavors that would please a wide range of smokers. When selecting a My Father Cigar, the La Duena is often overlooked, but it has a very pleasant flavor profile, with a price point that sits well. La Duena deserves a regular smoking rotation, or a spot in the humidor.

My emoji rating 😋

emoji scale(🤢😖☹️😕😐🙂😀🤗😍)

Smoke time: 1.25 hours
Cigar paired with: Pendleton - neat
Price opinion: 👍🏻
Recommend/buy again? I do often!

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That one sounds right up my alley - lots of flavor but not too strong. Sometimes just when I'm getting into a full bodied cigar the nicotine catches up and I have to take a lie-down.

I think our nearest full-service tobacconist carries Jaime Garcia so if I'm lucky he'll have these too.

Glad to see that I wasn't the only one smoking today!


Yeah this would be a cigar for you. The La Duena is a great medium smoke, I don't see you having any issues with nicotine strength. I just a box of 12 in the toro size today.

Anything My Father makes is pretty good! I like the post and thanks for the review!!


Very true! They are all winners. Thanks for the comment!

wonderful and a complete review this was quite nice to read your experience :)

nice article ..i haven't tried that stick before...i just want to ask you to review montecristo media noche.... edmundo size is one of my best sticks...few days ago i tried churcill size and i was so disappointed...maybe i didn't keep the stick in my humidor long enough...i smoke my cigars after at least 1 to 1,5 years resting in my hudimors...maybe that was my mistake but anyway if you find the time to review this cigar i would like to hear your opinion....cheers


I can't remember if I have had the Media Noche yet or not. The size can indeed affect the flavor of the cigar, was a bit more mellow than usual? I doubt it had anything to do with the time in your humidor, they should be ready to smoke right out of the box. Cubans are the only ones I usually need to give a year or so.

Anyway I will try to find a media noche and give it a review. Thanks!


greg i can confirm that definitely it was more mellow...very sweet taste...chocolate,coffee some hints of cedar...one of my top 5 cigars, i always keep stock of this stick in my humidor...
....about what you say that they should be ready to smoke right out of the box ,from my experience resting in humidor is esssential....i have found great differences in same cigars, smoking them after staying in humidor different periods
...i'm looking forward to your edmundo review ...thank you!!

Great review this is detailed one loved the rating too :)


Thank you!

Greg, great review, sounds like a stick I might enjoy on my birthday this Thursday. I'll check to see if my local Humidor has them in stock.

Did you clip it or punch it with that pigtail? I couldn't tell in the photos. Thanks again for a through review. 😎



Hey thanks! Yes, give the La Duena a try, I bet your shop has them if they carry My Father. oh and happy birthday!

I punched this one, but a snip might be a bit easier.


Thank you for the birthday wishes. I thought a snip might be easier. 🚬

One of the best post's and a proper cigar review that's looking royal one


Thank you! :)

such an interesting cigar to enjoy on the weekends thanks for the great review on this one


Thanks for reading!

I think you had lots fun with the cigar. I enjoyed reading your post 😋

waww new this time I saw a long and big cigarette so.
very cool comrade :)