A Brief Cigar Review - Ashton VSG Enchantment

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The Enchantment is quite a cool looking and unique shape cigar, it is a perfecto pyramid nub with a box press. The VSG, or Virgin Sun Grown is a 2nd tier line of the Ashton brand, is a Dominican Puro with quite a fan base. I’ve hung on to this particular VSG for a few years, just because it is a neat looking cigar.



Wrapper: Dominican Republic
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Vitola: 4 3/8 x 60 - Perfecto
Price: $10

Beyond it’s cool shape, the Ashton VSG has an ornate band and a wrapper that is dark chocolate brown with a lovely oil sheen.

Flavor and Smoke

The first third exudes flavor notes of sweet cedar, mint, and a white pepper spice. The smoke output is cloudy, and the retrohale nice, yet not velvet smooth.


The VSG is on the fuller flavored side of the spectrum, and quite powerful after my light cobb salad:

At the halfway point, where the ring gauge begins to narrow, the flavor profile darkens slightly. And adds a slight cocoa undertone. However, overall the flavors are dry. The burn line did need a little touch up previously but now is even as can be and the ash holds nicely.


The final third provides no great changes. The VSG Enchantment fails to impress me, but it is in no way a bad cigar. The flavor profile just doesn’t jive with my taste buds when price is taken into account.


Final Thoughts


I do love Ashton, but have come to the conclusion that the VSG line is my least favorite, I even prefer the classic standard line above the VSG. For me the flavor profile on the VSG has an dryness to it that is hard to get past, but I find this with a lot of sun grown wrapped cigars.

If you love sun grown cigars, you will dig the Ashton VSG Enchantment. The price is a bit steep for a small cigar, but the craftsmanship of such a unique shape justifies it.

My emoji rating ## 😐/🙂

emoji scale(🤢😖☹️😕😐🙂😀😋🤗😍)

Smoke time: 52 minutes
Main tasting notes: Cedar, mint, white pepper spice
Strength/Body: med./med.
Cigar paired with: Appleton Estates rum
Price opinion: 👍🏻

Cheers Steemians


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Thank you, yes enjoyed indeed!

just been scrolling your page looks like you enjoy some of the finer things in life


Hey thank you, I appreciate it!

Seems like a perfect day you had :D

Greg, I was excited that you were reviewing the VSG when I saw your picture. I like a shorter stick, when I don't have time to enjoy the longer ones that my brother likes. Like you said the price is steep for a mini that doesn't satisfy the palate. Maybe it was the blue cheese (jk) 🚬


Haha, you could be right! Nah, I wonder if I had it aged too long, it was just kind of bland, and I normally like all of Ashton.

Hay man really great post. And well well express your feeling. Your post do help people to understand which should they try if they want. Detailed explanation.


Thank you sir, I appreciate that!

I like your posts. Very nice described and I'm sure that you've been enjoyed.