The "What's The Coolest Gift You Got For Christmas" Challenge

I was nominated by @iliasdiamantis to participate in @trumpman's challenge.

This Christmas, under our Christmas tree, a few small gifts were waiting for Christmas. My sister, told me that a small square gift was for me by Santa.

When Christmas came, I opened my gift.
It was a little red square box.

Then I opened the box but it was empty ... there were only some instructions for a used item.

This Christmas Santa made me a joke.
But I do not mind next year I will be waiting for Santa with fire in fireplace... Hohoho...

The Rules

  • Post at least one cool gift you got this year
  • Nominate 2 people for the challenge
  • If you are a social outcast (sad!) with no friends to invite you just join the fun and post. You can even buy your self something and pretend it's a gift you got for Christmas by your imaginary friends !
  • Use the tag #christmasgiftchallenge as one of your five main tags

I nominate @ludmila.kyriakou and @angekan.

Thank you!

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that was wicked!


No,I am funny boy... I do jokes and I receive jokes.

I agree!
Only I need to take a photo :-))
Good thing the gift was not edible ahaha...


I'm waiting for your gift.

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LoL!! Serves you right for being a naughty boy this year!


Santa knows best. Happy New Year !!!


Of course!

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My participation



I had to believe that it was delicious!


Very cool but you have to make a post, read the rules.

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Thank you very much!!