Mission Inn Riverside Festival of Lights

in christmas •  last year

Mission Inn Arch.jpg

After attending the Nuclear Winter Photoshoot, my wife, William and I went to see the Riverside Festival of Lights at the Mission Inn. This annual tradition is in its 25th year and features millions of lights, many vendors, some carnival attractions, carriage and wagon rides.

Seeing it in pictures is no comparison to visiting the event in person, which runs through January 6th (The 12th day of Christmas).

These pictures were taken by my wife Cherie Beach on her Samsung Galaxy s8.

Mission Inn 25th.jpg

Tree of Balls.jpg

Tunnel of Lights.jpg

Mission Inn Tree.jpg

Mission Inn Nutcrackers.jpg

Mission Inn Lights.jpg

Mission Inn Lights 2.jpg

Mission Inn Lights 3.jpg

Mission Inn Lights 4.jpg

Shoppe Window.jpg

Toy Soldiers.jpg

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Ugh!!! This is so beautiful, I can imagine the physical sight of it!! It will be totally amazing to behold. Thanks for sharing @timeshifttarts.


It is pretty amazing. I absolutely recommend going out to see it!