Esteban (in red) performs his first Christmas show!

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It was a special feeling watching Esteban perform publicly for the first time today. Sabrina & I actually found it hard to hold back the tears and had to hug each other on a few occasions, blown away by the intensity of it all.

Naturally I took multiple cameras and filmed every moment of it ;)

On the way there I sat in the back with Luna for a change, excited to get there.

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Here is Luna kicking back with a view of our mountain.

Screen Shot 20191219 at 17.10.16.png

I was surprised to see how big the performance hall was.

Screen Shot 20191219 at 17.18.42.png

This was the moment Esteban spotted me at the back with my camera.

Screen Shot 20191219 at 17.03.39.png

His voice was unmistakable during the song, projected with confidence!

Screen Shot 20191219 at 17.12.58.png

Luna and I smiled with pride.

Screen Shot 20191219 at 17.13.29.png

Once we were back home Esteban bashed out a quick painting before lunch, as is his way.


I like this one a lot!


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