Santa Claus gives out Millions of Steem Dollars on Steemit on Christmas Day

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The following really happens........As the World shifts into Tomorrowland.........

Image Source: /@steem-meme/merry-christmas-steem-meme-competition

It was Christmas morning in a nearby universe - A universe that long ago killed the grinch - A universe where the

profits of religion morphed into the profits of profit - Everybody profits and all are saved!

A world without grinchs, no tightwads, cheapskates, pennypinchers, or other misanthropic losers.

Hail, hail, they screamed - Scrooge is dead!

The Steem dollar had long ago replaced money and became the predominant cryptocurrency

  • And the world is run and by crypto - And Steem rose above all the rest.

Santa Claus was finally proven to be more than a myth - In fact he is an Alien representative of the Order of the New Dawn - And the true founder of Steemit!

In the material side of the world Santa became the predominant emissary of the future - The Profit who insures more profit.

As the dawn broke on Christmas morning everyone found Steem dollars in their Wallets - And celebration
broke out in Cyberland that rivaled the best dreams of the dreaming masses.

So scrooges and grinchs of this unfortunate universe - Take a lesson from a parallel dimension

  • give freely -

And watch the profits soar!

  • AlienView,
    Emissary of Santa Claus

Image source: Steemit


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Merry Christmaaas


And a Happy New Year!!!

Well, you have to believe in something.
Between the gov and Santa, I will chose Santa ...
I believe he is using SBD by the way.
Merry SteemXmas!!!

this year santa brings a lot of gifts to all steemians
it was 1SBD=.87 USD once...
it increase 13 once and now stable at 10 USD
so this year is so good

Merry Christmas..