🎄 🎉🍀 (Merry) Christmas... Story/Histoire de... (Joyeux) Noel 🍀 🎉🎄

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Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël!

If you can't find sleep or inspiring dreams this article might be written for you. On this Christmas as in the last I was not in the North Pole where Papé started to build Koulu in precisely Lapland. However that's already all another story with my friends "Les Amis du Cercle polaire", these strange people who are followed by the aurora borealis as soon as they take a step outside of Lapland .... I always forget to present myself correctly, my name is Jean-Noel... and I love to bring some incredible fullfillment if not magic in the life of people I meet.

When Papé met me, he was on the way back to Lapland in a hurry to go home at Koulu to repair the boiler. He started to build Koulu on an old School and he wished it to host what became the Global School. In between he is managing that place as a space for people who get overwhelmed by the crowd to rest a bit. When I came back from the trip in which I met Papé, I thought I should create the Lapland Ambassy, then everyone told me, but Jean Lapland is not a country, I know but its about the symbol ^^. Next year an Open School project was created which became later the @globalschool.

But...did I say that was another story?

So, today, I was not with Papé, neither with my Father whom I tried to convince to join soon or later by sending him the picture below (my dad knows that I am a big fan of Calimero ^^ ...which has been an inspiration for this drawing). In the evening, I spent notably the time with my young niece of 4 years old and we made some magnets with the button machine as you can see as the first picture in this article or below. Ok I might not be the best drawer and I don't have the talent of some of the students who are joining us and make amazing artwork, but I enjoyed!

Later on I got a wonderful voice message from Vincent Mc Doom wishing me the best and sharing some very encouraging, mindful and caring words. If everyone knew it is simple as imagining someone to meet them.

Good news Vincent accepted to join on steem as well as to join next year to meet the Global School.

...About Global School, I have to confess, I did not really invent anything, I get inspired by my father, but where his heart is in India, mine is in here and there with you.

As @mammasitta says "We all have a wish to make our parents happy in a way and at some point might even continue their dreams" and as I consider more or less everyone as parent, there is quantity of dreams to become a reality for which I can enjoy by contributing to make them happening.

In between you have a Merry Christmas from my dad too and he is not the guy with the red hat even if they are from the same country ^^

PS: on the side to be a lecture specially targeting @mammasitta as I know she can't find sleep, this post has been made to encourage small projects such as the @leave-a-letter initiative and inspire to make your dreams come true.


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Seems you were in your natural environment, playing with 4 yearolds :P
Glad you had a nice Christmas ;)


Yes, well you were missing ^^ you would have been the oldest with your 5 :P Yes I enjoyed, thanks for the warm words. Happy to know you enjoyed too your Christmas time in family! =)

Lovely Story ❤️🎅🏻


Thank You @siamcat ❤️ I couldn't resist to share something little bit different for a time, ...and to present you my Father. ;-)


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PS: on the side to be a lecture specially targeting @mammasitta as I know she can't find sleep, this post has been made to encourage small projects such as the @leave-a-letter initiative and inspire to make your dreams come true.

I need to look into this beautiful idea to keep on inspiring people, experiencing “sleepless” nights :)


This is definitely something for you! There are definitely a lot of peope who can't or don't sleep much these days. ;-)

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