"Reporting from Roswell"

9 months ago

Sorry Friends! Note that I've had to "let go for now" while concentrating my time on the 2017 Roswell UFO Conference. News articles are still featured on the Facebook page, and please enjoy my Program Archives Ep 1-28

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Good post

Hey buddy.

I have not heard back from you on my FB msgs or anything on here for awhile now, I hope things are OK.

I have mentioned your name here/ account here to a couple people recently and told them to come check you out.

I have missed all the Steemit and other interactions with you, just letting you know dude!

Have a nice holiday and break, Merry Christmas good sir. (Y)


Hi Barry, thanks for the reply here. Things are okay but I've realized that I'm overloaded so am needing to step back and focus time and energy. I feel like writing an "apology for falling off the face of the blockchain" post here eventually, haha! I saw the messages which were links, but neither seemed to be asking or require a reply per se, but sorry for not making the time to comment when they came in. Merry Christmas to you as well!


I am really happy to hear from you, you have been a good friend and helper to me, I honestly have missed you dude. Please do what you need to do.

Just know you are missed and appreciated.

I am putting a post up shortly with a tool you will want to check out, it was JUST developed. Here is the graphic for the post I will use.

Be well my friend.


I have truly no idea what retard invented the term " you are dead to me (or to us) etc "...

Such just seems like a complete dick of a way of being a jerk, suggesting another person is 'simply' dead...

Just my opinion; but it seems to suck, Karma wise if you understand...

Another term might be MIA = Missing In Action instead of making some vague suggestion another human being should simply die or lacks the importance of being beneath your notice...

I get the idea you do not mean the person literally should simply idea and become worm food but just because some moron invents a stupid saying does not every sheep just have to follow the idiot fad...

Good Karma @ U :)

Hugz & Seasons Greetings...

Hope your Smart over the Silly Season ;)

You keep well, life is busy for me as well so I am just saying Hi @ U :)

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