My Christmas Gift to You!

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Today I have a special gift for my readers on Steemit. This year I published 4 classes on SkillShare and I'm giving free coupons to all of you.

I hope that this will be useful for you and if you know someone who would be interested to take one or all of the classes for free, please send them the URL of this post. You may also want to share this post on Facebook, Twitter and resteem.

My Christmas Gift to You!

This year was very interesting for me as I started many different things. Cryptocurrency is one of them, as well as blogging on Steemit, but I also started teaching on SkillShare.

I made 4 classes about Internet Marketing and they took quite a lot of time to make as I like to polish things I make. I was very enthusiastic teaching on SkillShare at the beginning, but they changed their payment plan, and it makes it very difficult now to get paid a fair amount for the time spent, unless you have 50 classes and promote them continuously. 

I have several ideas for new classes I'd like to make, and if my crypto portfolio works in my favor in 2018, I may make time to teach more classes.

The first thing I can offer you is a free trial for 2 months of Premium on Skillshare. This is an affiliate link that I'm giving you and as you will be able to watch all Premium classes on Skillshare for 2 months, you will have to enter your credit card with them, and I will get a $10 referral payment.

The link is:

Now, you do not have to sign-up to watch my 4 classes on SkillShare because I'm giving you free coupons.

This is an example of a class, they are well structured and have several short videos.

Free coupons to all my classes on SkillShare

In order to redeem each class, click on the link and sign-up for a free account on SkillShare. Ignore their Premium offer, just take the free account. When the first class is added, then log out. Click on the second link and this time log in. Then log out, and so on...

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If you have any issue with the free coupons, comment under the post and I'll help you with that.

I hope that you will enjoy thes 4 classes as I enjoyed making them and if you do take them, I'd really appreciate a review on them on SkillShare. This can help a lot to have the classes more visible for other students who would be interested to take them and that also will motivate me to make new ones next year.

Would you upvote this post and follow me for more because this will show me your appreciation and encourage me to write more posts like this one?

Merry Christmas!

Michel Gerard


If you figure out litecoin - I and a couple of others will be very grateful. This is my job for this weekend. I will not be defeated!

I have a solution. I just applied to a Thai site and I have been verified for the account on their platform. Waiting to be verified for bank accounts and I will test it before I reveal what it is. It's going to be a bit long because it's the last day before new year. I will make a tutorial post on Steemit when it's done.

Ok - I'm in if you are.

very helpful & powerful gift sharing my dear sir @gmichelbkk thanx you so much sir.

I am glad you like it @shahin24.

Thanx you thanx you so much sir . but i dont can account sing up pelese sir cechk your website.

It works, but maybe you are using a mobile device where in this case it might ask you to install the app. After you click the link on the computer you have to register for free and the class will be added.

I got your books, with many thanks, Michel. My fitinfun wordpress site is a dismal mess since 2010 and not improving except in traffic thanks to steemit. I have a fb page on trying to fix it and here is my site map so you will see how insane it is over there. But that's me!

Every single page and post has something wrong with it over there...

So in the last 24 hours I found bit bots thanks to our fearless leader. I noticed a new friend of mine with a fat vote from jerry, so I just found his post about it and did it and holy moly. I'm rich now. You should be seeing a difference in your curation rewards lol.

And, can you help me figure out how to get this money? So far, I have a Thai savings account, a bittrex with 5 sbd in it and a I can't figure out any of this and do not know what is next. Do you have any advice?

Merry Christmas to you and your family. I'm having a wonderful season.

Thank you very much for the long comment and I am glad that you have the books. That's a lot of content that you have on your WP blog! I am guilty too of not having paying attention to my other blogs lately.
Jerry's bot works very well and you always get back more SBD and SP than you put in. Delegating can earn you Steem passively, it's what I did.

If you want to cash in send BTC to and they will put that in your Thai Bank account. The problem is that Bitcoin transactions are very expensive and it's not worth for small amounts.

I will be looking at other solutions myself and will let you know if I come with something better.

What is a small amount in this game?

If you use BlockTrades for example they say the fee is $15. If you send $100,you already lose $15.

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.33.34 PM.png
$30 today and that's crazy!

Oh my goodness. I'm glad I did not try to use them yet. Someone told me to convert to litecoin instead, but I don't know how I would turn that into thb.

Yes, Litcoin is the solution and I'm looking at a way to get that into THB. Or when Bitcoin stabilizes, then the fee will return to normal.

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