Share Love by Feeding the Children

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Hello steemians have a good day! It's been a long time that you didn't see me posting because of my hectic schedule. But today, since I have time to share with you my experiences, I would like to see you this great experience on your feed.

It's nice to share this with you the great opportunity for us, to spread the word of God and feed to those kids who are unhealthy and malnurished.
Before we started our program, we prayed first to our lord JESUS CHRIST that He will be the one to lead us in our service for today. The first thing we did was, we taught the children to pray and praise God because without him we cannot do nothing we and we can't do anything. After praising we gave them some encouragement verses. In 1john 4:8 God is Love that verse is a very common verse and is easy to be remembered by the children. We taught them that whatever happens, if there is a problem or circumstances that will come to their lives, they will be reminded that there is a someone who will help them, because there is someone who love them and that is God.
After giving some verses to them, we started to gave the food. I really love the moment when we see kids are smiling while taking their food. I saw their happiness while eating. That feeling that we are so blessed that our God gave us a beautiful and wonderful life.IMG_5154.JPG

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