What are you busy at?

in #christianity4 years ago


For sure, life will always give you a reason to fret, think, worry and pursue earthly achievements after which you will desire more and greater achievements, Am i wrong?

What about your Maker? The one who controls and regulates your breath,body temperature, blood sugar level, the production of saliva from the salivary gland, the production and secretion of milk for nursing mothers, to mention but a few.

How often do you think about him? How often do you seek to do his will? How often do preach the gospel of Christ Jesus.

"Use your time and life to serve the lord, for the time will come that you'll be no more"

Thou my everlasting portion
More than friend or life to me
All along my pilgrims journey
Saviour let me walk with thee

Close to thee 4x
All along my pilgrims journey
Saviour let me walk with thee

What are you busy at my brother?
What are you busy at my sister?
When this life shall pass away, What will be your reward?
*Pray for #grace, pray for #zeal #Iwanttobeavesseluntohonour, help me lord...
God bless and strengthen every soul who will take out time to do the work of the father deligentlyand on the #flaminghelpers platform.

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