Teachings of Saints ''Ascetics of the Orthodox Church'' day 15th '(The saints)


Hello my friends,

Today is the 16th day of our journey to the sayings of the Ascetics of the Orthodox Church.
The section we are going to study is about : ''The Holy Scriptures''

The Holy Scriptures lead us to God and open the path to the knowledge of God.
(St. John Chrysostom, Conversations on the Gospel of John, 59:2)

Of all the afflictions that burden the human race, there is not one, whether spiritual or bodily, that cannot be healed by the Holy Scriptures.
(St. John Chrysostom, Conversations on the Book of Genesis, 29.1)

Just as those who are deprived of light cannot walk straight, so also those who do not behold the ray of the Holy Scriptures must necessarily sin, since they walk in the deepest darkness.
(St. John Chrysostom, Conversations on the Epistle to the Romans, 0.1)

A humble man who lives a spiritual life, when he reads the Holy Scriptures, while relate all things to himself and not to others.
(St. Mark the Ascetic, Sermon, 1.6)

In all things that you find in the Holy Scriptures, seek out the purpose of the words, that you may enter into the depth of the thoughts of the saints and understand them with greater exactness. Do not approach the reading of the Divine Scriptures without prayer and asking the help of God. Consider prayer to be the key to the true understanding of that which is said in the Holy Scriptures.
(St. Isaac the Syrian, Sermon 1.85)

When you begin to read or listen to the Holy Scriptures, pray to God thus: "Lord Jesus Christ, open the ears and eyes of my heart so that I may hear Thy words and understand them, and may fulfill Thy will." Always pray to God like this, that He might illumine your mind and open to you the power of His words. Many, having trusted in their own reason, have turned away into deception.
(St. Ephraim the Syrian)


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