Lucid Dream About Jesus And Chakra Meditation

Today I had a lucid dream after waking up from bed, walking to the door to open the door and going back to bed. In that dream there was a strong earth shake and my left hand had strange symbols and lightened stars in four directions on it. I touched my frontal lobe of my brain and it went quite hot. I teleported out of home and walked around, finally I met Jesus and asked him some important questions:

One of the most important questions was: Is chakra meditation wrong doing? And he told me that this is not wrong, it is just the elements. I assume that he ment the elements of fire, earth, water, air and ether. He also told me that he met a great teacher on his own who teached him the secrets.

After that I watched great black monsters who were as high as my house, burnt black and half through the wall. In another dream before I watched a man with a cap sink into the ground. I assume that it means a warning to play around with those elements. I wanted to take my smartphone and take a picture of these monsters and I was scared as they almost moved and became alive. Then there were balls flying all around in the house. I wanted to take a picture of these balls as well and God shot a ball on my camera and I had a ball in my hands. He asked me if I want to play balls with him. I answered people don't believe in God anymore and I want to show them a picture to proof that God exists.

Then there were plates flying towards me and God served me a breakfast. That was the end of the dream. You can help me to do the interpretation of this dream. I would be thankful for your help.

Bernhard Mähr


Either you're deliberately deceiving people or you're deceived yourself. Jesus would never approve of demonic practices. Maybe a demon appeared to you as Jesus because you've engaged in occult practices or used hallucinogenic drugs.

No lucid dreams are like normal dreams. You can dream everything weird and strange like in normal dreams as you basically sleep and have dreams. The only difference is that you are conscious that you are dreaming and therefore can interact to a certain degree with your own dreams. However you are still just sleeping normally in bed. This has nothing to do with occult practices or hallucinogenic drugs! If you are interested in the technique of lucid dreams, you can find an online course about that on: Have nice dreams by yourself!

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