Is The Christian God a Good God? What Is Transcendence? The Rumination of Millions of gods

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If you reach transcendence you can look beyond what is recognizable within our 3 dimensional realm - which is that A leads to B leads to C. In fact there is a point in your heart where the whole conclusiveness of A leads to B leads to C gets decided and can be very well understood. So if you ask yourself why certain things happen to you it is a good idea to start at your heart. Of cause you can always try to blame God for everything but first let me tell you if the christian God of Israel is a good God to avoid misunderstandings with God in your prayers. God has the huge administrative problem that there are plenty of hearts, every heart works and thinks different, some do really bad deeds and cause tremendous suffering. Nevertheless God can look directly into your heart and knows the whole causality in advance. Therefore he can also decide based upon those hearts and not upon individual actions within the causality chain. God even knows the causality between incidents like the crucifixion of Jesus and described incidents in the bible that many people don't understand. However if you reach transcendence it is possible for you to understand the whole causality chains of your own heart as well. It is God's pleasure to help you with the other causality chains of all the other hearts if you reached transcendence. In order to reach transcendence you should have the will to bestow and peace in your heart and in your thoughts. Therefore all your actions automatically lead to peace not war.

In order to fully understand God the question if God is a good God is still not answered yet. In fact there are a million other gods who do not agree with the decisions of God and these gods unite together in a cow because a cow ruminates and it is necessary for them to ruminate as long as necessary to understand God and his decisions within the whole causality. In fact that whole causality chain is even so hard to understand for other gods not only humans because the christian God is a rigid, hard-lined, mercyful, pardoning and very just God. His whole leadership concept is based on Justice (Severity) and Mercy (Forgiveness). Lucifer was finally convicted because God told everyone to not eat the apple. Lucifer did not follow his orders and deceived Eva to eat the apple from the tree. With this action he caused a tremendous causality chain leading to the situation we currently have with good and evil. One might of cause argue and blame God for even creating the apple but did you ever see that somebody who created and constructed an atomic weapon gets convicted for creating it? No! The whole justice system works the same way all across history back to the time of Adam and Eve. In fact it would not be even possible to have God's creation if is was possible to condemn God for creating the apple. Therefore creating apples, atomic weapons, HAARP antennas, etc. etc. is not a bad thing and the engineers will never be put to justice for creating them. God will possibly judge those who use them and Lucifer for seducing and misleading those evil persons like Hitler to use those weapons. God ordered Seth to deliver the knowledge of metal to human beings even though he knew that metal will not only be used for good but also evil deeds. The reason that there is always good and evil is the apple and God cannot be blamed for the apple. You will never even find a single true point where you can judge and condemn God! Therefore all the gods will have to ruminate the decisions of God endlessly.

Think of it and you will be able to decide for yourself if the christian rigid, hard-lined, pardoning, mercyful and very just God is the right leader for your heart. If you are more a kind of lukewarm person you might feel better to join the million other but lower gods in their rumination of all the decisions of God.

If you decide for the christian God i wish you some opportunities to act just and show mercy to others as well as receive mercy - especially when you have pending court procedures. I also hope that you use these opportunities wisely. Even more I also wish you peace so that it is not necessary to show mercy or act in a just way. With the first wish for opportunities to show mercy and act just I show my devotion to God, with my second even stronger wish for peace I show my understanding and mercy to the millions of gods in the cow and the billions of people around the world who ruminate the decisions of God. I also hope that I will have plenty of peace in my life and only a few necessary opportunities for mercy and justice.



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So you have a problem with God being rigid? You don't like the idea that sin is always wrong? That adultery is always wrong? Should God have asked Adam and Eve why they ate the forbidden fruit? Should God have gone easy on them because they were created adults who didn't have the benefit of human parents?

No I don't have a problem with God being rigid. However I joined the millions of gods in the cow to ruminate the decisions of God several times in order to fully understand his decisions in my life. This is well accepted by God to join the rumination. I am not a lukewarm person. It took me over 30 years to ruminate some decisions of God regarding my own life. A very short time if you consider the fact that some gods ruminate some decisions for thousands of years or even come to a conclusion that they want to fight God (which is impossible to win by the way).

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