Debunking CosmicSkeptic’s “Some Questions for the Christian God”

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I decided, for no particular reason, to do some debunking. Videos by CosmicSkeptic have popped up on my YouTube recommended a few times. From the thumbnails, he looked kind of condescending, so I figured he could use some debunking. I went through his old videos and found Some Questions for the Christian God.

Here goes.

Why would God make the vast majority of the Universe completely uninhabitable?

So it’s going to be those kinds of questions. “Why would God ...?” as if you happen to know that God would do otherwise. And it’s somehow evidence against God if I’m no divine pscychologist—if God’s wisdom is above me?

As for this particular question, the Universe, beyond the Earth, doesn’t need to be habitable. We live here. On Earth. It’s a nice place.

Atheism must answer a much harder question: how could it be that we—rational, intelligent, living beings—exist, when the blind, natural chances of such are so slim that we may use the word “impossible.”

And to that extent, why would be bother making the rest of the Universe at all if humankind and the Earth are the sole focus of his creation?

  1. To demonstrate his incredible power and wisdom.
  2. Because it looks cool.

Why would God, after having created the Universe, wait 9 billion years to create the Earth?

He didn’t (Gen 1:1). And if he did, so what?

Why would God then wait a further 4 billion years before humans were able to be created?

Same answer.

Or if you don’t subscribe to the idea that the Universe is older than 6,000 years, why would God create all animals with the same fundamental building blocks, as if they were all related through a common ancestor, despite the fact that this is often detrimental to certain species? Why would he not create each individual species from the individual starting point?

Why would Ford create all car models with the same fundamental building blocks, as if they were all related through a common ancestor?

“Often detrimental to certain species:” citation needed.

And furthermore, why would God give animals so many vestigial traits—in other words, features which no longer serve the purpose that they were intended for?

He didn’t.

For example, why are 80% of a dolphin’s olfactory receptor genes inactive?

See here:

Why do men have nipples?

See here:

Why do humans experience goosebumps if you can’t explain these things through evolution?

Conserve body heat, etc, etc. More science:

If God is omniscient then he knows the future, and he knew from the start that one day he would be wiping out the majority of the human species—save Noah and his family—so why would God not just begin with Noah and his family?

It seems to me that that would drastically alter the story of the world. And is it even possible to make a free-willed person in one circumstance the same person if created in a different circumstance. I mean, if God made “Noah and his family” initially, would they even really be “Noah and his family?”

Why has God only ever appeared to such a small selected group of people, and why hasn’t he ever appeared again since, especially given the dwindling of faith across the globe that we’re currently experiencing?

God doesn’t want you to be forced to believe. He wants you to be intellectually honest.

Also, I think the “unaffiliated” are decreasing as a share of the population (

Why would God prioritize his own ego in his commandments detailing precisely how he should be worshipped above the commandments not to murder or steal?

I don’t suppose you have any actual moral grounds for saying God should not do such a thing.

Why would God not include a commandment for parents to respect their children to go alongside the commandment for children to respect their parents?

Most children don’t deserve respect.

Why would God harden the heart of the Pharaoh of the Book of Exodus, to then punish the Pharaoh with plagues for having a hardened heart?

He wasn’t punished for having a hardened heart. He was punished for being a wicked despot enslaving an entire nation.

Why would God create a Son to send to Earth, destined to be mercilessly tortured and brutally crucified in order to forgive the sin of man, when he could have just... forgiven the sin of man?

God’s justice requires that all sins be payed for.

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