Is listening to music that are not of Christian Genre a sin?

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I am a total Lover of good music and I am a Christian.
I find it confusing, every time a highly placed person in the church [like pastors, bible study teachers] tells us to stop listening to secular music.

Is it right to do so? Or
Is it just a mere doctrine?


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It depends on the kind of circular music. There are some kinds of songs a christian shouldn't listen to

Yes you are right.

I believe we all know what is right and wrong except we just want to deceive ourselves.

Instead of giving a vague answer, you can just give a definite answer. Thank you since you are Bibliogist. You can as well drop bible verses.

Hi. While secular music is probably not the best choice, I believe it is a personal choice (Romans 14) whether or not one chooses to listen to secular music. Feeding the Spirit should be our focus in life. If the music we choose to listen to leads into sin or causes those around us to sin, we need to cut it out entirely in the former case, or limit it to when we are alone in the latter.

What about a situation where one listens to it to enjoy the beat?