Afternoon PRAYER = #prayer 192 :-) ❤

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🙏 Lord God Almighty, from You comes the springs of living waters. May we believe You with a living faith and with a heart pursuing righteousness. Let us be filled with the Holy Spirit and walk in his way. Let rivers of living waters flow through us from our minds and hearts and receive spiritual blessings, in so great an abundance. As we are watered, we shall not only be refreshed and comforted, but shall be instrumental in refreshing others as well. Help us and cause Lord to remain in You and You in us and be channels of Your blessings, In Jesus' name. 🙏


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I am @sashley a.k.a. shirleynpenalosa, a recipient of God's love, mercy and grace. :-) ❤

Have a blessed and cool month of September 2019 everyone :-) ❤

I am forever grateful to God every day of my life for giving me everything I need and praise Him all the more for not giving me everything I want. To God be all the honor, praise and glory ❤ :-)

Please do check out @paradise-found's posts and you're welcome to join the @gratefulvibes family curation trail. :-) ❤

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Amen to that [email protected]
To God be the glory☘️

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Amen GM