Time to break out and PROCURE DIVINE HELP

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Procure is to acquire, obtain, solicit, to cause to Come: to bring or to attract.

Anything divine is link to holy, upright and righteous God that is omnipotent omniscient omnipresent. When all of your wise and cognitive effort are not working, it's time to retreat to find out why. Maybe you need to get hooked up with divine favor or help. It is dangerous to Labour out of the provision of heaven.
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The God-factor in any life's success cannot be overemphasized. When you lack the God factor responsible for divine help and favor you weary yourself out of tune with success.

Another thing I've observed that can prohibit divine help and back up, apart from lack of the God -factor and foolishness, is pride
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When pride takes a dominant place in the life of a man, he experiences resistance from God.

It is pertinent to know that it is your responsibility to humble yourself. This is why you need to change your mind when it comes to God, you need to see yourself as nothing before God for him to make you something before men. It is bad enough if God is just not involved in your affair, but it is far worse if he opposes your plans and efforts. Instead of attempting the impossible, trying to do the possible may even claim your life.
It is terrible thing to be opposed by God. Pride stings, demonized and dethrones anybody from the fragrance of grace.
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Pride is very poisonous it can contaminate the purpose and vision of God in your life. You have to get rid of it as soon as possible

To Procure or obtain divine help in any project of your life, make sure your heart condition is in balance term with this:

  • Trust and commit whatever you want to do to God

-Humble yourself under God's mighty hands.

-Be sensitive to the plight of others.

-Honour the chains of authority in your life

-use your gifts.


If you can apply the above mentioned to your everyday affair believe me, you will Procure your divine help on no distance time.

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