The Gateway To The Soul Of Every Man

God has all the power to do anything and change any situation, but he cannot change the life or situation of any man that has not given him the consent to change him/her.


One unique treasure every human has is "the will". A man's will is his/her power of choice: it's the only gateway to the man. Nothing can pass through to any man without first passing through the gateway(Will) of such man. We all know that man is a tripartite being because he is made up of the body, soul and spirit, but no aspect of these three dimensional nature of a man can be accessed by anyone or anything without the approval of the man. This implies that, anything that can pass through a man's gateway has temporary control over the man until he/she decides otherwise. This also means that, nothing can gain access to a man unless he/she allows it.

The beautiful thing about this unique gateway that every man has is that, nothing can force its way through: regardless of how powerful that thing is. Unless it's first granted permission by you - the keeper of the gateway. But there's one drawback to the Will of man that every man needs to pay serious attention to. And this drawback is "the Will sometimes becomes very powerless to whatever you most often grant access through your gateway".

Let me explain. Every man has a body, a soul and a spirit and each of these nature of man responds to different stimuli. The body responds more to our earthly desires and wants and the spirit to our spiritual desires and wants while the soul serves as the seat of implementation of either the desires of the body or the spirit. But nothing can be implemented by the soul unless the Will allows such implementation. And anything the will consistently allows into the soul starts having control of the will. This means that, anything that has any form of control over the Will of man can easily access the soul and get implemented.

Have you ever wondered why the scripture said in Galatians 5:17, that 'the flesh war against the spirit, and the spirit against the flesh......?' It's because both the flesh (body) and the spirit of a man are fighting to gain access and control of the soul. But nothing can gain control of the soul unless it has first gained control of the Will. Thus, the Will is the only access to the soul and whatever controls the Will, can easily control the soul. But, it's only the man that can decide to give to anyone or anything temporary or permanent control of his Will.

Whatever gains control of the Will of any man determines what goes on in the soul and the action that will be exhibited by such man. From the above statement, it will be ok to say that the soul is the channel through which either the desires of the flesh or the spirit are implemented depending on the stimuli the man chooses to yield his Will to.This is why God and the devil are fighting seriously to gain control of the Will of man. God is fighting to gain control of the soul of man so that he can save it and the spirit of man is the only channel through which he can do that. While the devil is fighting to gain control of the soul of man so that he can destroy it and his strongest weapon is the flesh (body). Thus, both God and the devil are using different means to cause man to hand his Will over to either of them.

What both of them are after is the soul, but none of them can gain access to the soul without first having the Will of the man. It's a known fact that whoever has the Will of the man, has the soul of the man and thus the man. But, it is only the man that can decide whomever he wants to hand over his Will to - none of them can forcefully take it away from him. What either of them could do is to make the man see the benefits of handing over his/her will to either of them and the consequences for doing otherwise.

Though the sad reality is that, whether the man likes it or not, he must either consciously or unconsciously hand his Will over to either God or the devil. But it's more earthly and eternally profitable for a man to consciously hand over his/her Will to God than for him/her to either consciously or unconsciously hand it over to the devil.

The choice is yours to make, so act wisely.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


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