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What the Bible says about purity in the spirit—Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

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Purity of the spirit is what one achieve by constantly beholding the glory of God through fellowship with the father and his son Jesus Christ, as we behold his glory, we’re changed from glory to glory in the Image of Christ, the Image of Christ incorporates purity of the heart. No man can come to that level of purity by works, it’s purely possible by regeneration by the spirit of God.

Faith is calling!

Bible Copyright Reference: “King James Version”, Holy Bible.

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Hi @maxdevalue, thank you for contributing to the first Church on the blockchain
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To the glory of God forever Amen.

We have to consciously mortify our bodies so we will be free from the lust of the flesh which leads to impurity. When we are alert in the flesh, we can live in the will of God. God help us!


May God help us brother, the world has so much grip on us, but as we behold his glory through fellowship with his word, we’ll continue to die daily! Thanks for being here for me and for entire Christian community @uyobong.

@maxdevalue I think this will help you out for sure.

And this should help you to Deepen your Seeking about Christianity:

Have FUN

From Confidence to Christ:

Having Fun and Shit-Exclusion from the Community-Exploration of New Places-Experimentation-Encouragement(Self-Start or Push-Start)-Equip yourself with Education leading to Expansion of Your HORIZONS about Life in an Entertaining Fashion/Manner-Enhancement of Perception-Expression of Humanity in an Exuberant and Equanimous Manner-From Eating to Exercising, Deeper, Profound Experiences about LIFE within YOURSELF-Earning Respect by either Fulfilling or Exceeding Expectations-Execution of the Strategy via the Sadhana on a daily basis in a Half-Hearted Manner-Getting kicked out-An Opportunity to create Wellbeing- Starting XYZ COMPANY to Earning Sustainable Revenue for the Business in an Attempt to Creating Wellbeing for Humanity- Learning to Deal with Setbacks-A Transition from Half-Hearted Effort to going Full-Fledged-Further Expansion of Business for creating more Wellbeing via Acceptance, Inclusion and Embrace instead of Conquer, Conquest and Establishment of Non-Sense Empires-The Unconscious Desire for Escape-Success with Sadhana and an Experience of Reverberations within along the End of Shit and Fuck- Evolution into the ULTIMATE EXPANSION i.e. Enlightenment in an Enthusiasm and Energetic Manner-Welcome to ETERNAL CHAOS I HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR STAY-An Attempt to dish out the Experience for Everyone-Caring for the Environment via an Everlasting Experience of Inclusion i.e. Union with the Universe-Embracing and Enjoying the Struggles via Endurance for Enlightenment for the Human Population-A Commitment till the End-Exit & End.

This will work if you Approach it with ABSOLUTE INVOLVEMENT AND INTENSITY IN A RELAXED AND A COMMITTED MANNER. You can go Half-Heartedly and get Half-Baked Results or You can go Full-Fledged and Get Full-Fledged/Full-Throttle Results.

Your Life-Your Freedom-Your Choice-Your Responsibility i.e. it's Your Karma which simply means it's your making from within Yourself. Now whateevvvverrrr you Experience it happens from within Yourself. The Sense-Perception may trick and treat you that it's Happening outside of YOU but YOUR EXPERIENCE OF LIFE is still Happening within YOURSELF. You can fuel it using Outside Stimulus and Assistance but the Experience of LIFE is still happening/taking place within Yourself.


Thanks a million times, I love the video, it’s a confirmation of what has begun in me.


Why do you want a Confirmation?? Confirmation only leads to a Stagnation, Regression and Ultimately Death of the Phenomenal Possibility of Knowing Because it's based on Concretized Conclusions that stem out from your Belief Systems, Philosophies and Ideologies, Etc.

If you want the Thing happening within Yourself to find Full-Fledged Expression then you need Confusion and Clarity instead of Confidence, Conclusions and Confirmations.

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