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September 11 is a day in history when the world changed.

At least six times.

Including Allende, 1973.

Fought on September 11 & 12, 1683, the Battle of Vienna, culminated in the decisive defeat of the Moslem Ottomans in their 300-year struggle between Christian Central Europe.

Anonymous painting of The Battle of Vienna fought at Kahlenberg Mountain near Vienna on 12 September 1683 during the two month Ottoman siege of Vienna.

The Turk will be vanquished & leave us all his bag & baggage.

Marco d'Aviano, Capuchin friar religious adviser of Emperor Leopold I.

I came,

I saw,

God conquered.

Jan III Sobieski

Was the croissant invented in Vienna, in 1683 or in 1529, to celebrate the defeat of the Ottoman attack? Does the shape croissant mirror the crescents on the Ottoman flags?

In 1770, Viennesse Marie Antoinette introduced France to Viennoiserie, things of Vienna.

Even with Obama’s creative, revisionist history, what do you think, @Steemit community, about 1683: the Battle of Vienna?

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Great! Is the video from a movie?
Thanks for posting :)


Is the video from a movie?

Yes, it is, @silent.screamer


You're welcome, @silent.screamer


The Hussars, @waytofly
Followed you.

This battle was simply extraordinary


This battle was simply extraordinary

Yes, it was, @amedeo

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Very interesting. Thanks for sharing your research on this


You're welcome, @chelsea88
The winged Hussars.


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