Christ tells the Pope, "the Vatican and all church assets are mine!"

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Announcement by the Imperial Regent Angelus Domini

Today, July 28th 2017, Lord RayEl has officially laid Sovereign Claim to Vatican City and all properties and assets of the Holy See of Rome and its appendant bodies.

This is an informational release for the public, and should be distributed to media outlets as well as members and clergy of the Roman Catholic Church.

All followers of Lord RayEl are directed to immediately begin carrying out all necessary actions to enforce this Sovereign Claim.


The primary mission of the Knights Templar...

Our primary mission has been to protect the Sangraél, the very family bloodline of Christ Our Lord. This Mission has placed us at odds with the Roman Catholic Church for centuries, because the Roman Catholic hierarchy is a monarchy, and the Pope can only claim kingship to Rome's throne by denying the hereditary kingship of the Sangraél...
Today that ends...
Today, the Throne of Rome is reclaimed by its rightful heir.

The Holy See is one of the many crowns Our Lord is described having in Revelation 19:12.

Revelation 19:12 He has eyes like blazing fire, and many royal crowns on His head. He has a name written on Him that only He Himself knows.

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You guys are seriously delusional. Does this go for all Anglican and Lutheran churches as well? You guys are calling yourselves the knights templar now? Get a NEW IDEA. Your RayEl dude is a total crank, but not as much as someone who would follow his bullshit..

I don't downvote your content. I am more than capable of approaching your blasphemy with truth and logic. But when you write outrageous crap that is in itself a troll attempt, you will get a response that you might not want to hear. I'll repeat though, that I will not downvote you, because you are free people. Your freedom was given to you by God the Father, and you blaspheme (mock) Him. You call yourselves ecumenical christians, and it would lovely if I could take you at your word, but your RayEl is a charlatan, and I hope that any of you who are genuine believers in him will soon wake up to that fact. Soon enough, that is, to save your souls.

Blockchain reveals the Truth!

So you said you would approach with truth and logic, what is your logic and truth. Where are your disbeliefs? There are plenty of people here who can logically have a conversation with you.

Thanks for trolling, much appreciated @thomasaquinasftw. You will go far on the steemit community... Oh wait, this isn't Facebook so that won't happen!

It's simply truth, just like your words revealed what's in your heart and thoughts!

Foretold in the Torah Code for this day! I had a feeling the "Branch" in the Code was indeed talking about Lord RayEl who's human middle name means "The Branch". Soooo awesome!

5 AV 5777 Branch Residence Urbanization.jpg

I gotta hand it to you all bring in solid facts, evidence and points here that even hate cannot destroy


The Papal won`t like this nor will they comply but it is time to sweep away the old and accept the Messiah and have him take back his rightful throne.


The several evidences beyond this post are staggering, jaw dropping revelation! Yes, when Christ returned the Direct Order of Christ Templars accompanied him since that is their job. Some would be surprised to know that they themselves are also of the bloodline, but then again one cannot deny it unless they researched and found otherwise in the ocean of evidences laid out. All one has to do it seek it out. We take a long time to investigate these matters and you too might be surprised if you scratched below the surface of it all.

Everything that he has announced ahead of time by the way ...has come true.

The time is now!

Glory to God.

Looks like the Pope has lost his privileges!

A new Pope is being appointed, one who accurately represents the will of Christ.

This is huge!

This is a monumental announcement from the Christ, Lord RayEl directed to Vatican & Rome. It's time for Lord RayEl to reclaim back his throne and take back what belongs to him.

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