China news roundup / Nachrichten 2019-02-02/03

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English news:

Backchannels to Beijing close as detentions raise fears among old China hands

"“The chance of arbitrary, indefinite detention in China has clearly gone up and, while it may seem alarmist to declare that individuals run the risk of being taken hostage if China disapproves of the actions of their countries, that is the message the Kovrig and Spavor arrests inevitably send.”"

--- Goes to show, that the CCP has not yet figured out how to do this international bullying right.

China opposes US withdrawal from INF

*""China is opposed to the US withdrawal and urges the US and Russia to properly resolve differences through constructive dialogue,""
--- but note:
"China's foreign ministry ruled out the possibility of negotiating a new multilateral pact that includes Beijing."

--- The typical PRC view of things. Others should stick to the rules.

Yang Hengjun: lawyers denied access to Australian held in China

"they were denied access to him by Chinese authorities, who said the detainee had not agreed to their appointment"

--- Imagine the outcry if Canada were to do the same with Huawei's Meng.

New Site Exposes How Apple Censors Apps in China

"In addition to the hundreds of VPN apps, Apple is currently preventing its users in China from downloading apps from news organizations, including the New York Times, Radio Free Asia, Tibetan News, and Voice of Tibet. It is also blocking censorship circumvention tools like Tor and Psiphon"

--- Ah well, Apple. Their philosophy is anyway pretty close to the CCP's: Everything & everyone needs to be controlled.

The Unpredictable Rise of China

"China today is making up for the absence of attractive political principles or ideologies by creating a new empire of fear, and offering increasingly strident appeals to an imperialist nationalism."

--- "We don't need principles, we just need our emperor Xi."

'Divide and conquer': China puts the pressure on US allies

"“What China is doing is natural, it’s not about exerting pressure.""

--- Bullying is completely natural. & everything natural is good. Ain't it?

Is Huawei a friend or foe in the battle for 5G dominance?

"“We are not a public company – we aren’t overly concerned about beautiful numbers.” He was talking about Huawei. But he may as well have been talking about China."

--- I wonder whether this is meant to be reassuring...

--- Time introduces the Chinese concept of "AI farms":

Deutsche Nachrichten:

Liechtenstein feiert das «Jahr des Schweins». Das Fürstentum hat eine besondere Beziehung zu China

"Die Zuneigung Chinas hat historische Gründe, denn das Fürstentum gehörte zu den ersten Ländern, die 1950 diplomatische Beziehungen mit der neugegründeten Volksrepublik China aufgenommen haben."

--- An der Zahl chinesischer Einwanderer scheint's also nicht zu liegen.

--- & dann noch ein Audio-Podcast von der FAZ:

Wie gefährlich ist Huawei wirklich?

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